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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Stars is our before and after school provision.  Places should be booked in advance using Schoolgateway.  The aim is to offer children a safe place to stay and play whilst they wait to be taken home by their parents.

Stars is open to all children from Nursery to Year 6.

Children should be brought and collected at the Stars door which can be found by walking past the parked cars on your left as you enter through the main gate. Please select the kitchen/stars option to enter through the gate.


Collection and Delivery Times

Additional Information





Breakfast will be available for those children attending these sessions.

Twilight 3.30pm      





A snack will be provided for children attending Twilight Stars.


5:00 pm

5:15 pm

5:30 pm

Tea will be provided for children attending Evening Stars.

In order for this model of Stars to operate effectively it is essential that children are delivered and collected promptly. Any children collected late will incur a late collection fee.

Who works in Stars?

Mrs Wheeler, Mr Alexander and Mrs Modell are there in the morning.

Mr Alexander, Mrs Badrick, Miss Medley and Miss Petrilli are there in the evening.

Mrs Wilson-Sandy is the Extended Day Supervisor.

If you would like your child to attend Stars or have any queries please contact the Academy Office on 01689 828208.

Safeguarding your child

We understand that there may be occasions when problems with travel result in you having to make alternative arrangements for your child to be collected. Please give the name of any person that you may use in this instance together with a password that only you and they would know.


By booking and using the STARS service, parents/carers have accepted the Terms and Conditions below. St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Primary Academy manage the club in compliance with the Academy's policies, including Inclusion, Safeguarding, Equality, and Complaints.

  1. Please note that STARS is a wraparound care service, and while your child is attending, St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Primary Academy will be responsible for their well-being
  2. If your child attends an after-school club or activity, the club leader will take responsibility for your child. If your child then attends STARS, the regular session charges apply.
  3. If your child is late being picked up after the school day or a school  they will be placed in STARS. There is a 10-minute grace period before an ad-hoc charge will be applied for this childcare provision.
  4. Parents are responsible for booking their child's sessions using the School Gateway online booking system. Failure to do so may incur an extra charge (see point 9)  
  5. The Scale of Charges for the 2022-2023 academic year is as follows:

Session Cost

Session Name

Normal Charge

Ad Hoc Charge




FSM Breakfast



Sibling Discount Breakfast






FSM* Twilight



Sibling Discount Twilight






FSM* Evening



Sibling Discount Evening



FSM* Child in receipt of Free School Meals.

It is the parent's responsibility to choose the correct option when booking sessions via Gateway.

  1. All sessions must be paid for at the time of booking. Childcare vouchers are accepted, and a list of registered providers can be found on the Academy website. Please maintain a credit balance on your child's STARS account. please contact the Academy office for booking advice when paying with childcare vouchers.
  2. Fees are payable regardless of illness, holidays, or any other reason, except school closures and INSET days, unless 24 hours’ notice is given.
  3. Parents must notify the Academy office at least 24 hours in advance if their child is not attending a previously booked session. Please do so to avoid a charge for the session, as staff may have been organised and food may have been prepared.
  4. If you wish to book your child into STARS with less than 24 hours notice, please call the Academy office or use the online booking service until 2 pm. After this time, an ad-hoc charge will be applied to these bookings.
  5. STARS sessions end promptly at Twilight, which is at 4.30 pm. If you are late picking up your child from Twilight, you will be charged for an Evening session, which ends at 5.30 pm. Tea will be provided but may differ from evening booked children due to preparation times. Late fees will be applied at a rate of £15 every 15 minutes for each child, and parents will be fined through the School Gateway App.
  6. The Academy Governing Body reserves the right to withdraw any child if their account is not paid when due.
  7. Please inform the Academy if a different person (non-parent) is collecting the child, and please provide a password.
  8. If your child is not collected by 5.30, active steps will be taken by the Academy to contact the parent/carer or emergency contact. If contact cannot be made within 30 minutes, a member of the senior staff will contact the MASH duty service to agree on a timescale for further actions and the ultimate handover of the child, as appropriate.
  9. STARS Wraparound Care cannot accept responsibility for valuables.
  10. Any information STARS Wraparound Care holds regarding your child will be treated as confidential. However, in certain circumstances, such as child protection concerns, the Safeguarding Lead for STARS has a legal duty to pass certain information onto external agencies, including Local Authority Designated Officer for Safeguarding and Social Care, in line with the school's Safeguarding Policy. Please read the Terms and Conditions below before booking or using the STARS service. St. Peter and St. Paul Catholic Primary Academy manage the club in compliance with the Academy's policies, including Inclusion, Safeguarding, Equality, and Complaints.