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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Religious Education at St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy 

Our worship and Religious Education programme demonstrates the foundation upon which our school is built. We pray together. There are daily acts of worship and the children participate in assemblies and liturgies each week. The Academy gathers together to pray and celebrate Mass on a regular basis and this includes Holy Days of Obligation. Children are taught the prayers of our Church and are encouraged to think and reflect in order to nurture their individual worship with God. We teach children about the scriptures, stories about Saints of our Church and beliefs and practices of Catholics. We encourage children to recognise the goodness in others, past and present, and their own potential as Christians.

The children in Willow Class (Year 3) have the opportunity to join the Parish based First Holy Communion programme and catechists in the Parish lead preparation for this Sacrament.

We use the ‘Come and See’ Primary Religious Programme for schools, which is approved by the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales. ‘Come and See’ is developed through three themes which are Church, Sacrament and Christian living.


The three autumn themes are developed in the light of an understanding of Creation:

Family, Belonging and Loving.


The three spring themes are developed in the light of understanding of Incarnation: Community, Relating and Giving.


The three summer themes are developed in the light of an understanding of Redemption and the work of the Holy Spirit: Serving, Inter-Relating and World.

World Religions:

We also teach the children about other world religions during the academic year. They are encouraged not to simply learn facts about other religions but also reflect upon them and gain insights from them.