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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Information about our Governors

The role of a Academy Governor is vital to the success of every school please use the link below for further information on the role.  All of our Governors are members of the National Governors Association (NGA).

Our Governing Body is made up of 12 Governors, 7 of whom are Foundation Governors appointed by the Archbishop of Southwark, 1 Parent Governor, 1 Local Governor appointed under Section 51 of the Articles of Association, I Teaching Staff Governor, I Support Staff Governor and the Principal. Each Governor, except for the Principal who is appointed in an ex officio capacity, serve for a term of 4 years. The Full Governing Body meets on seven occasions throughout the academic year with a variable focus on curriculum and finance. The Audit, Personnel, Admissions Committees and Working Parties to strategically address improvements meet on a regular basis.

The Chair of Governors can be contacted through the Academy Office. Letters addressed as confidential will be treated as such. 


S Taylor - Foundation - Chair of Governors -  Appointed April 2019

I Lecybyl - Foundation - Vice Chair of Governos - Appointed August 2014, August 2018

G Trimmer - Foundation - Appointed November 2018

Father Cyriacus - Foundation - Appointed September 2016

C Nolan- Ruffle - Foundation - Appointed May 2019

C Coffin - Foundation - Appointed June 2021

C Alexander - Community  - Appointed August 2014, August 2018

F Akhigbe – Parent - Appointed August 2014, August 2018

K Everson - Teaching Staff - Appointed August 2014, August 2018

T Baines - Support Staff - Appointed March 2017

Governor Areas of Responsibility

Safeguarding and Child Protection - I Lecybyl

 Responsible Officer - C Alexander 

Assessment and Data -  F Akhigbe / G Trimmer

Religious Education - Father Cyriacus 

Mathematics - 

Science – G Trimmer

Computing – 

Attendance – T Baines

SEND – G Trimmer

Admissions – S Taylor, I Lecybyl and C Alexander

Declaration of Business Interests

C Alexander - Spouse of a member of staff


M Forsythe - July 2020

J Smith - July 2020