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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Miss Henry's Visit to Toyko and Kyoto

Miss Henry had the opportunity to have an educational visit to Japan and was a guest of the Japan Foundation  This enabled her to experience Japanese culture and to visit two Elementary Schools.







Miss Henry observed a variety of lessons and took part in a creative study class.

Pupils are very smartly dressed, whether in uniform or not. 

The cloakrooms in school are very tidy and the children often wear slippers to keep the floor clean.

The culture in Japan is one of respect, particularly for those older than oneself. Learning the ability to be patient is a key aspect and a lifetime’s work.

The food in Japan is very different but Miss Henry tried everything using her chopsticks!

The main religions in Japan are Buddhism and Shinto. Miss Henry visited a Buddhist Temple and a variety of Shinto Shrines. Prayers can be left in the Temple with the hope that the messages are carried  and answered.











Miss Henry arrived by aircraft (a 12 hour flight) and travelled in Japan by train, including the Bullet Train. The Bullet Train is always on time, can reach speeds of 185 miles per hour and you only have 10 seconds to get on board.