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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Curriculum Information

Our Curriculum and Assessment

St Peter and St Paul staff teach from the National Curriculum and cover all requirements for the specific year groups to ensure children meet the ‘End of Year Expectations’. The End of Year Expectations state the minimum requirements a learner must meet in order to ensure continued progress throughout the year in line with age expected standards.

Learners are assessed against each area in terms of whether, at each stage, they are:

Working Towards: Yet to be secure in the end of year expectations.

Expected: Secure in the majority of the end of year expectations.

Exceeding: Secure in almost all or all the end of year expectations and is able to use and apply their knowledge and skills confidently.

The National Curriculum focuses very much on ensuring children have a breadth of understanding within the concepts and skills they learn. The application of skills and understanding across a wide range of curriculum areas is key. Rather than moving ‘up’ the stages, the focus is on moving ‘outwards’ developing a deeper understanding.

We will talk to you about how your child is progressing during the year and reports will be sent to you three times a year. 

During the year, when we have conversations with you about your child’s progress you won’t be given an actual definitive position of where they are on this scale. Instead you will be told what your child is able to do and any areas for their improvement. You will also be told whether your child is on track for meeting their end of year target.