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Reading is such a joy once you find a book that you really love – the world of reading and the world of books opens up so many possibilities. Here’s an example of someone who had a very tough upbringing but found the world of books – What a world! I visited Asia and Africa. I saw magnificent sunsets: I tasted exotic foods. I fell in love and danced in wonderful halls. I ran away with escaped slaves and stood beside a teenage martyred saint. I visited lakes and streams and composed lines of verse all without leaving my bedroom. Try and read as often as you can, lots of different types of books.

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  • Day 9 - Home Learning

    Published 01/04/20, by Mr Rowe

    Great job again Year 3, lots of you successfully completed your online learning tasks. I hope you enjoy today's learning - particularly the maths and geography!

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  • Day 8 - Home Learning

    Published 31/03/20, by Mr Rowe

    A new month is upon us, it’s April (April Fools Day in fact – I hope you have played a trick on someone in your household!). Well done again for all those who completed the worksheet on Busy things yesterday – great job! Todays learning includes English, maths, history and French – stay focused, take breaks, enjoy!

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  • Day 7 - Home learning

    Published 30/03/20, by Mr Rowe

    Well done to everyone who went onto the online platforms and had a go at the activities set - lots of you did which is great, keep up this fantastic work! Today, I'd like you to complete your learning on English, maths, RE and science. 

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  • Day 6 - Home learning

    Published 29/03/20, by Mr Rowe

    Hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Welcome to Week 2, Day 6 of our home learning experience. Keep your day structured so you have breaks as well as doing your learning. Remember, just try your best with each activity.

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  • Day 5 - Home learning

    Published 26/03/20, by Mr Rowe

    Wow, that went quickly, it's Friday already! Let's finish the week with a flourish.  

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  • Day 4 - Home learning

    Published 26/03/20, by Mr Rowe

    Thursday 26th March 2020



    Today, I’d like you to do some work on fractions of amounts and have attached a worksheet to our blog for you to complete in your home learning book. Remember my saying – divide by the bottom and times by the top to help you or click on this link: Fractions of amounts.


    Reading comprehension

    Today, I’d like you to complete a reading comprehension and have attached one to our blog. Please answer the questions in your home learning book. Try and use some of the strategies we have used to help you – bullet points, thought shower or table as you read; look at the questions first; check over your work at the end with a different colour pencil or pen (pretend to look at your work as though you are Mr. Rowe) – is there anything you think I would change?



    Congratulations Year 3, we have had an email saying that we are winners! Imagine this was a real email. Go into your purple mash account - you should see that a 2Do has been set – send your reply back today.  



    So today I’d like you to use your research from yesterday to create a poster in your home learning book. Use sub-headings, paragraphs, drawings and colours to make your poster stand out. Here’s the link from yesterday in case you didn’t get a moment to research - bbcbitesize.

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  • Home Learning - Day 3

    Published 25/03/20, by Mr Rowe

    Wednesday 25th March 2020


    Good morning Year 3. Welcome to Day 3 of our home learning experience. Today, our subjects are maths, English, geography and history.



    The time has come to do a worksheet on ‘telling the time’! I have attached both the worksheet I’d like you to complete along with a top tips sheet – remember how the minutes past the hour and to the next hour work, as well as the fact that the hour hand also moves to the next hour over the 60 minutes that are in an hour.



    Today, I’d like you to think about how conjunctions are used in writing, to extend sentences. In your home learning book, complete the worksheet which is attached to our blog.



    To make sure you have a good understanding of the geography of Ancient Greece, I’d like you to take some time looking over the map of Ancient Greece linked to our blog and then, in your home learning book, label some key places on either the blank map provided or draw one and label that instead.



    Over the next two days, I’ll like you to research one area about Ancient Greece that you find interesting and create an interesting poster about it. Today do your research. Some areas that you might like are the Olympics, Gods and Goddesses, The War of Marathon, The Trojan War or Greek theatre. Here is a link to get you started bbcbitesize but I want it to be an area that you are interested in and you research yourself.

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  • Day 2- Home learning

    Published 24/03/20, by Mr Rowe

    Tuesday 24th March 2020


    Good morning Year 3, hope your first day of home learning was enjoyable. Today, the 4 subjects we are going to work on are English, maths, RE and science.



    Today, I want you to focus on adjectives - how can we make them more interesting. I have uploaded a paragraph where the adjectives have been changed for sweets. In your home learning book re-write the paragraph replacing the sweets with the most interesting adjectives you can think of/find to make the paragraph make sense and flow.



    Today, it’s all about subtracting using the counting up frog. Remember he loves to jump to a multiple of 10 (numbers which end in zero). In your home learning book, complete the worksheet which is linked to our blog.



    Do you remember when Deacon Roger came into speak to us. He spoke about Jesus going into the desert for 40 days. I’d like you to read the piece of scripture that he read to us (Luke 4:1-4) which is available as a link on our blog, then answer these 3 questions in your home learning book about it.

    1. What do you think the passage means?
    2. What part do you like and why?
    3. How could we use the message of this passage in our everyday lives?



    So Day 2, following on from your investigation yesterday complete your investigation by writing up your results (perhaps a table) and complete your conclusion – did the results support your prediction or not and how do your results show you that?

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  • Home Learning - Day 1

    Published 23/03/20, by Mr Rowe

    Today, I'd like you to do a little work on your RE, maths, English and science. Read on to find out more!

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  • Learning at home

    Published 16/03/20, by Mr Rowe

    Monday 16th March 2020

    Welcome to the Year 3 blog - this is where work will be set for you to do at home during this time.

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  • School Closure Learning

    Published 16/03/20, by Miss Everson 2
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