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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

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  • Wednesday 30 September

    Published 30/09/20, by Ms Dhana

    It's the last day of September! Tomorrow October begins.

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  • Tuesday 29 September

    Published 29/09/20, by Ms Dhana

    It's the last Tuesday in September. Soon it will be October!

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  • Monday 28 September

    Published 27/09/20, by Ms Dhana

    We begin the fourth week back at school today. Hope you did a lot of playing outdoors, learning and growing too!

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  • Friday 25 September

    Published 24/09/20, by Ms Dhana

    It's Friday and we are all thankful for the learning we have done! Have a good weekend. Remember, play, learn and grow!

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  • Thursday 24 September

    Published 23/09/20, by Ms Dhana

    A bit of a change in our weather! Not as hot - I think it is a definite sign that autumn is here. A lot of leaves falling off trees. Keep a look out for changes in our weather.

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  • Wednesday 23 September

    Published 22/09/20, by Ms Dhana

    It's Wednesday and we are half way through the week!

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  • Tuesday 22 September

    Published 22/09/20, by Ms Dhana

    We finally got to the end of our book Here We Are! I hope you enjoyed the story! What a wonderful world we have and now we need to do all we can to look after it.

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  • Monday 21 September

    Published 20/09/20, by Ms Dhana

    It's week 3 already. Hope you are ready for a week full of learning!

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  • Friday 18 September

    Published 18/09/20, by Ms Dhana

    It's Friday and we have completed our second week back! Have a lovely weekend. Remember Play, Learn and Grow.

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  • Thursday 17 September

    Published 17/09/20, by Ms Dhana

    It is our school Mass today. We will be celebrating this with St James' School online. Please join us at 10.00 using the link the school has sent out.

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  • Wednesday 16 September

    Published 16/09/20, by Ms Dhana

    Another lovely warm day and it's Wednesday already!

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  • Tuesday 15 September

    Published 15/09/20, by Ms Dhana

    What a lovely hot, sunny day yesterday! It will be hot again today too, so stay cool and drink lots of water.

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