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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

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  • Thursday 16 July

    Published 15/07/20, by Ms Dhana

    This is our final day of home learning and the last blog of the year! Well done everyone. Have a wonderful summer break; home school teachers you deserve it and so do you children for working in such a different way. You are all awesome!

    I have attached a few Powerpoint memories you can share together.


    Final Ultimate Fruit Quiz Question:  The durian is the world’s stinkiest fruit and is grown in Asia. How stinky is it?

    • So stinky it can peel the paint off walls
    • So stinky it makes grown men cry like babies
    • So stinky it is not allowed to eat them on buses and in hotels
    • So stinky you can be punished for thinking about them

    Answer at the end, no peeking!

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  • Wednesday 15 July

    Published 14/07/20, by Ms Dhana

    We were so happy to see you all yesterday. Parents thank you so much for making the time in your busy schedules to bring the children to school so that we could be together just one more time. It is greatly appreciated. We have really missed you and it was wonderful to see you again; to know that you are all safe and well and happy! You are so ready to move on to Year 2. Mrs Anderson, Ms Pinchen and I would like to say thank you for your thoughtful gifts. Teaching you has been our best gift ever!

    Ultimate Fruit Quiz Question:  What kind of fruit is this? Persimmon, Peach, Plum or Pomegranate?