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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

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  • April 2

    Published 01/04/20, by Ms Dhana

    Just two more days and the holidays are here! Today I have a lovely DT lesson for you, so try and get your materials ready during lunch!

    Parents, I hope your week so far has been less stressful than the first! You're doing a great job! Children please thank your parents for all they do.

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  • April 1

    Published 31/03/20, by Ms Dhana

     It's April!! A new month AND it's April Fools Day!! Make sure you play a trick on someone in your family this morning!

    Hope you're enjoying the Spring Activity Booklet. What did you learn about deciduous and evergreen trees? Didn't you just love the Sesame Street clip you watched yesterday that told you all about DECIDUOUS trees!! You know that Sesame Street is my favourite learning hub!

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  • March 31

    Published 30/03/20, by Ms Dhana

    Great poem Noah! I have seen lots of great work! What lovely world tours. You really made me want to go off on a plane to visit the countries you wrote about.

    I would like you to do something special at the end of your school day today. Do you think you could call nana, or grandad or a friend just to say hello and brighten up their day? I bet you can! That will make them feel so good to be able to chat to you. Ask your adult to help you.

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  • March 30

    Published 29/03/20, by Ms Dhana

    It's the last week of term! Well done for doing all your work last week. One more week of home schooling and then it's HOLIDAYS! So exciting!

    Adults I am sorry that you were having difficulty accessing the different websites, I am sure they were not designed to cope with so many pupils using them at the same time!

    If you find you are unable to log on, please make use of Twinkl's website. I have uploaded instructions on how to access their Home Learning Hub, so if you cannot use the websites for the work I have chosen, please follow Twinkl's timetable and activities for the day.


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  • March 27

    Published 26/03/20, by Ms Dhana

    It's Friday! Last day of the school week. I hope you like the monsters I've been uploading. Thank you Milo C. for this one.

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  • March 26

    Published 25/03/20, by Ms Dhana

    Such a lot of work going on! Sorry the websites are not working so well.

    Here's hoping Day 4 will be better for you. Hope you enjoyed the Dance session yesterday!

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  • March 25

    Published 24/03/20, by Ms Dhana

    Day 2 is over and what lovely weather we have had! Well done on the work done so far.

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  • Tuesday 24 March

    Published 23/03/20, by Ms Dhana

    Good job on getting through day 1! Some of you whizzed through the Maths and I love your aliens! Hope you enjoyed the poem.

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  • Monday 23 March

    Published 22/03/20, by Ms Dhana

    Good Morning Ash Class.

    Welcome to our new and exciting way of learning! Hope you have your logins because you are going to need them.

    Let's get started.

    I have made a daily timetable to follow. It is just as if we are at school. We start at 9.00 and end at 3.15, exactly the same as if we were at school. Please check the timetable and keep to the times I have planned for each lesson. Don't worry, you still have break and lunch play time! :)


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