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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Thursday 26th March 2020



Today, I’d like you to do some work on fractions of amounts and have attached a worksheet to our blog for you to complete in your home learning book. Remember my saying – divide by the bottom and times by the top to help you or click on this link: Fractions of amounts.


Reading comprehension

Today, I’d like you to complete a reading comprehension and have attached one to our blog. Please answer the questions in your home learning book. Try and use some of the strategies we have used to help you – bullet points, thought shower or table as you read; look at the questions first; check over your work at the end with a different colour pencil or pen (pretend to look at your work as though you are Mr. Rowe) – is there anything you think I would change?



Congratulations Year 3, we have had an email saying that we are winners! Imagine this was a real email. Go into your purple mash account - you should see that a 2Do has been set – send your reply back today.  



So today I’d like you to use your research from yesterday to create a poster in your home learning book. Use sub-headings, paragraphs, drawings and colours to make your poster stand out. Here’s the link from yesterday in case you didn’t get a moment to research - bbcbitesize.

Day 4 - Home learning

Today, it's all about maths, English (reading comprehension), computing and history. Read on to find out more.