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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Good morning Year 3. Welcome to Day 3 of our home learning experience. Today, our subjects are maths, English, geography and history.



The time has come to do a worksheet on ‘telling the time’! I have attached both the worksheet I’d like you to complete along with a top tips sheet – remember how the minutes past the hour and to the next hour work, as well as the fact that the hour hand also moves to the next hour over the 60 minutes that are in an hour.



Today, I’d like you to think about how conjunctions are used in writing, to extend sentences. In your home learning book, complete the worksheet which is attached to our blog.



To make sure you have a good understanding of the geography of Ancient Greece, I’d like you to take some time looking over the map of Ancient Greece linked to our blog and then, in your home learning book, label some key places on either the blank map provided or draw one and label that instead.



Over the next two days, I’ll like you to research one area about Ancient Greece that you find interesting and create an interesting poster about it. Today do your research. Some areas that you might like are the Olympics, Gods and Goddesses, The War of Marathon, The Trojan War or Greek theatre. Here is a link to get you started bbcbitesize but I want it to be an area that you are interested in and you research yourself.

Day 3 - Maths, English, geography and history today. Read on to find out more.