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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Friday 26th June 2020-Home Learning-Day 54

You’ve made it all the way to Friday, well done! Today, we’re going to be doing some learning in Maths, English, history and times tables.




**Parents/Carers Please Note - Needed for next Tuesdays’ R.E. Lesson**



1)  In order to paint a ‘Prayer Rock’ - A rock and some paint




2)  In order to make a ‘Juice Box Boat’:


  • An empty juice box straw
  • 3" wide triangular paper (perhaps from an envelope)
  • Sellotape 
  • A small wooden skewer or straw

Friday 26th June 2020






Today, we are going to look at questions about properties of shape. See the worksheets attached to our blog for more detail.






Today, I’d like you to complete another reading comprehension. Remember to read the text twice. Think about what the question is asking you before answering it in a full sentence. If you are able to print the sheet out you can underline or circle important words, both in the text and the questions or, if you can’t, perhaps create a table or thought shower about the text to help you. Either answer the questions in your home learning book or stick in your completed sheet. Then, look at the answers to see how you did. See the worksheet attached to our blog for more detail.






Today, I’d like you to write up, in your home learning book, your recount on Isambard Kingdom Brunel. See the worksheet attached to our blog for more detail.




Times tables


Please log in to your Times Tables Rock Stars account, go into the Soundcheck area and play and then try mine birds on Busy Things.