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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Great job to all of you yesterday, not easy getting back into the swing of things but you did it! I can see through Active Learn that lots of you were able to have a go at the maths games, well done! Before you start on today’s work, take a look at the answers to the English and maths quizzes from yesterday (see the worksheet attached to our blog) – how did you get on? We’re going to be moving onto new topics from next week in several subjects, all based around the topic of Journeys (e.g. Science – the journey of a plants life; History – Railways; Geography – the UK) but this week I just wanted to re-cap on a few things and ease in gently. So, today I’d like you to focus on English – direct speech, maths – addition and subtraction, RE – linked to yesterday’s scripture and science – understanding a fair test (tomorrow have a go at doing the investigation).

Tuesday 21st April 2020



Today is about direct speech – when someone is actually speaking. Look at the comic strip on the worksheet attached to this blog and decide what the different characters are saying.



I have put together an addition and subtraction worksheet. Write out the calculation and your answers in your home learning books. You might want to use your knowledge of number bonds to help you work out some of your answers.



Using the same piece of scripture as we did yesterday (I’ve attached it to our blog), I’d like you to choose a part that you found interesting and then draw a picture to show the part you choose.



Tomorrow, we’re going to carry out an investigation but today is all about understanding what a FAIR test is - a FAIR test is where you only change ONE thing in an investigation. Look at the worksheet attached to our daily blog to see what you need to do today.