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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Hello Year 3 – welcome back to our home learning mission (hope you like the photo of the rocket launching on our blog!). I hope you have had a relaxing Easter (you had a chocolate egg or two!) and that everyone in your household is healthy and happy. I'm sure you are eager to continue your learning at home, you did so well before we broke up for Easter – keep up the fantastic effort and brilliant work! For today’s learning we have quizzes in English and maths to show off your knowledge; a couple of questions about a piece of scripture in RE; spellings and a fun maths game – Enjoy!   

Monday 20th April 2020



A short quiz for you to have a go at in your home learning books! I’m sure you’ll smash it! Look at the worksheet attached to this blog.



Just like for English here’s a short Maths quiz for you to have a go at in your home learning books! Good luck! Again, there’s a worksheet attached to our blog about this.



There is a piece of scripture for you to read attached to our blog and then answer these questions in your home learning book - Why do you think the women went to the tomb? Why did the apostles not believe the women?


Spellings and Maths game

Spelling - Use your home learning book to copy the sentences into but change the spellings that are not correct – see the worksheet linked to this blog.

Maths game - Go onto the active learn website (Active Learn) and have a go at this fun addition game – Beetle Bump – what’s the highest score you can get to in 15 minutes!