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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Great job again Year 3, lots of you successfully completed your online learning tasks. I hope you enjoy today's learning - particularly the maths and geography!

Thursday 2nd April 2020



Using the picture at this link Field of flames for inspiration. In your home learning book, write a paragraph about it using lots of adverbials – think about where you might put the adverbial in your sentence; can you use more than one in a sentence; make your sentences as interesting as you can. Tell your reader - When the ‘Field of Flames’ happened; where it happened along with what were the children doing and how were they doing it.



To reinforce your knowledge of money I’d like you to play shop today (and tomorrow). Think about what you will pretend to sell – a book, cuddly toy, a game, pens. Then you need to decide how much you want to sell each item. You need to pretend your customer has £5 to spend at your shop. You will need to work out how much your customer has spent by adding together the cost of their items (you could use the expanded column method from last week) and also work out the change you will need to give them from the £5 (you could use the counting up frog for this). Maybe try 3 different combinations with your customer.



Log in to Busy Things using this link Busy Things. Then go to Key Stage 2; then to Willow Class; next to computing; select computer literacy and finally choose Bird words and play!



For Geography, I want you to complete an Ancient Greece jigsaw – it took me just over 9 minutes – can you beat my time? My tip – try and find the edges of the jigsaw puzzle first, the pieces with straight edges. Click on this link - to begin. Good luck!