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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Well done to everyone who went onto the online platforms and had a go at the activities set - lots of you did which is great, keep up this fantastic work! Today, I'd like you to complete your learning on English, maths, RE and science. 


Complete ‘What is an Adverb’ on Busy Things which has been set as an assignment for you (log in using this link Busy Things) and then complete the worksheet about adverbials of place (where) in your home learning book. Write each sentence out in full to show which fronted adverbial links with which other sentence part.



Today, I’d like you to create a TV schedule, using 24-hour time (so 4 digits for each time 08:30 or 14:00). The worksheet provided says what the programmes are and how long each one lasts for (You decide when the programme schedule starts and in which order you want the programmes to be shown). I have also given an example to show you how I would like it to be presented within your home learning book.



Have a look at the image – describe what you think is going on and what the importance to Catholics is in your home learning book.



Complete the Moving and Growing’ worksheet around naming parts of a skeleton. Either complete it on the sheet and stick it into your home learning book or, starting at the head as number 1, go around the body clockwise numbering and naming the bone you think it is. So, in your home learning book put down today’s date and then put 1 = ---------; 2 = -----------.