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St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Reading is such a joy once you find a book that you really love – the world of reading and the world of books opens up so many possibilities. Here’s an example of someone who had a very tough upbringing but found the world of books – What a world! I visited Asia and Africa. I saw magnificent sunsets: I tasted exotic foods. I fell in love and danced in wonderful halls. I ran away with escaped slaves and stood beside a teenage martyred saint. I visited lakes and streams and composed lines of verse all without leaving my bedroom. Try and read as often as you can, lots of different types of books.

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  • Tuesday 5th January 2021

    Published 04/01/21, by Mr Rowe

    Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2021!

    I hope you have had a magical Christmas break and now feel ready for the new year of learning, even if it is remotely at the moment.

    Our online learning will be done through Google Classroom rather than our blog from now on.

    See below for how you access Google Classroom.

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  • Wednesday 16th December 2020

    Published 16/12/20, by Mr Rowe

    Morning folks,

    Just in case you completed the activities I set yesterday, I have added two more exciting worksheets to our blog – Christmas jokes for maths and a mystery to solve for English as well as an art challenge.

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  • Tuesday 15th December

    Published 15/12/20, by Admin

    Tuesday 15th December 

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  • Tuesday 6th October 2020

    Published 06/10/20, by Mr Rowe

    Today’s learning includes maths, English, Science and history.

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  • Tuesday 29th September

    Published 29/09/20, by Mr Rowe

    Welcome to Tuesday!

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  • Monday 28th September 2020

    Published 27/09/20, by Mr Rowe

    Welcome to Monday.

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  • Friday 25th September 2020

    Published 24/09/20, by Mr Rowe

    Friday 25th September 2020

    Today we have Maths, English, reading comprehension and RE.

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  • Thursday 24th September 2020

    Published 24/09/20, by Mr Rowe

    Thursday 24th September 2020

    Today we have Maths, English, handwriting and geography.

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  • Thursday 16th July 2020-Home Learning-Day 68

    Published 15/07/20, by Mr Rowe

    Today is the last day of our online learning for this school year!

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  • Wednesday 15th July 2020-Home Learning-Day 67

    Published 14/07/20, by Mr Rowe

    Welcome to Wednesday!

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  • Tuesday 14th July 2020-Home Learning-Day 66

    Published 13/07/20, by Mr Rowe

    Hope you enjoyed yesterday's learning.

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  • Monday 13th July 2020-Home Learning-Day 65

    Published 12/07/20, by Mr Rowe

    Monday 13th July 2020-Home Learning-Day 65


    It was lovely to see so many of you last Friday. I was very impressed to see all the fantastic work you have completed in your home learning books. You all looked so grown up and totally ready for the challenges of Year 4. 


    As this week is the final week of term (then we break up for the summer!) our work will be a little different.

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