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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Acorn Daily Planner - 30.03.20

Monday 30th March 2020

Good Morning Acorns,

We hope you've had a good weekend with your family.  We have been so happy to see the wonderful rainbows you have created.  Well done to all the children who have completed every challenge set so far.  Now that you've had time to rest and play, we have some exciting activities this week for you to do at home.  

Today in Literacy, we will focus on the Green Words that we use in our phonic lessons.  Please revise last week's words and then read the next 10 words.  Remember to blend the letter sounds together to read each word.  Can you write some of the these words in your home learning book?  If you would prefer to write the words on paper and then stick it into your home learning book, this is also fine.  Make sure you form each letter carefully.  Please look at the cursive handwriting sheets to help you.   

In Maths we would like you to focus on numbers 5-20.  Choose a number and draw how many different ways that you can represent this number.  For example, if you choose number 5, you may decide to draw 5 flowers, 5 dots or represent number 5 as a tally.  You could find groups of objects to represent your chosen number, e.g. 5 pencils, 5 toys etc.

In your first topic activity, you will become a Minibeast designer!  We would like you to talk to your grown-up about all the different Minibeasts we have been learning about.  Can you invent your own insect on Purplemash?  Can you describe your insect?  What will it look like?  Can you create a name for your insect?  Remember to use your phonics to help write new words.

Recently, we have been thinking about how much our family loves us.  We have thought about how much God loves us too.  Can you draw a picture of your family on Purplemash?  Can you describe your family?  Remember to tell your family how much you love them!

We hope you have a great day.  

Mrs Sanford and Miss Williamson