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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Acorn Daily Planner - 26.03.20

Good morning Acorns,

We have been delighted to see the wonderful work you have been doing at home.  The butterflies have been amazing!  We have really enjoyed reading your minibeast captions.  If you have been completing all of the different challenges, you should feel very proud of yourself.

Today we have some new challenges.  We want you to become excellent readers so we have a shared reading activity for you to do with your grown-up.  We would like you to read some interesting facts about Grizzly Bears.  The PowerPoint is attached below.  Please attempt to read the words by using your phonics to help you.  Some words you may recognise by sight.  Then discuss the facts with your grown-up.  What did you find interesting?  

In maths, we would like you to practise your number formation from 0-20.  This can be done in your home learning book.  Please form each number carefully.  If you would like to practise forming numbers beyond 20 that is great.  You may want to get creative and write different numbers with paint.  Always ask your grown-up first!

Your first topic activity is all about minibeasts.  We have been learning a lot about various types of minibeasts.  Share the minibeast PowerPoint with your grown-up and discuss.  Which minibeast is your favourite?  Can you draw your minibeast in your home learning book?

The second topic activity is on Busy Things.  You have been set a creative challenge!  Can you create a patchwork animal?  Which animal will you select?  Which colours will you use?  We look forward to seeing your patchwork animal.

Happy Learning!

Mrs Sanford and Miss Williamson