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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Acorn Daily Planner - 16.07.20

Thursday 16th July 2020

Good Morning Acorns,

We hope you have enjoyed learning about the amazing animals that live in the sea.  Today we will be completing our ocean journey by learning about the fascinating octopus!

Start by watching a video about octopuses. This is the link you will need:  Afterwards, share the 'Facts about Octopuses' with your grown-up and discuss. What was your favourite fact? Can you write this fact in your home learning book?  Remember to use your phonics to help write new words.  Please form your letters correctly. 

Now we would like you to practise recognising simple keywords.  How many words can you read in 1 minute? We would like you to become a word detective. See if you can find any words in the PowerPoint that contain the letter 'a' in the middle of the word. For example, 'tap'. Every time you find a word containing the 'a' sound, wave your hands in the air!  Choose 5 keywords to write in your home learning book.

In Maths, we would like you to practise counting up to 20 aloud. Then count back from 20 to 0. Now you will need to use a set of number cards from 1-20.  Please use the number cards you have used in previous activities. You can create a washing line with the number cards attached or you can lay out the number cards on a table or on the floor. Count again up to 20 by pointing to each number as you count. Then count back from 20-0, making sure you say each number clearly.

Close your eyes whilst your grown-up removes a card from the washing line. Open your eyes. Can you work out which number is missing? How do you know this is the missing number? Play this game a few times. If you want a further challenge, you can practise writing numbers up to 20 correctly.

We are going to start the afternoon by practising how to write the days of the week.  We have attached a 'Days of the Week' PowerPoint for you to use at home.  It is important for you to practise writing the days of the week regularly. 

Share this second video about octopuses. This is the link you will need:  As it is the last day of the summer term, we thought it would be fun to finish with a Purple Mash activity!  We know you have been enjoying the Purple Mash work. Can you paint a picture of an octopus?  On Purple Mash, see if you can create your own octopus.  We look forward to seeing your fantastic pictures.

It is nearly the summer holidays!  We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the children for completing the daily activities on the blog.   We would like to show our appreciation to the Parents/Carers for your continued support during the home learning period.  During the coronavirus, it has been an anxious time for everybody.  It is really important to take care of our mental health and physical health.  We have attached a 'Summer Self-Care' booklet that has some wonderful ideas to help boost your child's mental health.  

Little Acorns, it has been an absolute pleasure teaching you all.  We hope you have a wonderful summer.  Take time to play, relax and rest.  Good luck as you continue on your learning journey at St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy.

Kind regards,

Mrs Sanford and Miss Williamson