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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Acorn Daily Planner - 25.06.20

Thursday 25th June 2020

Good Morning Acorns,

We hope you have enjoyed creating your posters.  Well done if you have been completing all of the daily challenges.  You’re all working so hard! 

In Literacy, we will be continuing to think about sea turtles. Please share the video about ‘Endangered Turtles’ with your grown-up and discuss.  This is the link you will need:   Acorns, the sea turtles need our help!  How can we help?  We made posters yesterday encouraging people to not drop their litter into the ocean.

Sea turtles can sadly get caught in fishing nets. Can you design a large sign to encourage fishermen/fisherwomen to be careful when catching their fish?  A sea turtle may get stuck in their net.  Depending on the resources you have at home, you might want to use large paper or the back of an old piece of wallpaper.  If you prefer to do this task in your home learning book this is fine.  You will need to write a sentence to encourage the fishermen/fisherwomen to be careful.  For example, ‘Watch out for sea turtles in the water’ or ‘Be careful, do not hurt the sea turtles’.  Remember to use your phonics to help spell new words.  Please form your letters carefully.  We have attached the PowerPoint from yesterday if you would like to look at this again.

We would like the children to practise blending letter sounds together again.  Please play the ‘Dragon’s Den’ game.  This is the link you will need:  We will be focusing on the sound ‘ar’.  Words containing this sound, ‘car, bark, star, park, shark.’  Please remind your child that when they see ‘a’ and ‘r’ together, they are special friends and make a new sound.  This sound is called ‘ar’.

In Maths, we will be thinking about pairs of numbers that make 10.  These are number bonds to 10.  Watch this fun video with your grown-up about pairs of numbers when added together make 10.  This is the link you will need:  

Afterwards, we would like you to play a fun game.  Your grown-up will say a number up to 10.  Then you must show the number of fingers that go with your grown-up's number to make 10. E.g. your adult says 6 , then you show 4 fingers.  Can you show the correct number of fingers really fast! Make sure you practise all the number bonds to 10.

Can you write number bonds up to 10 in your home learning book? Make sure you form your numbers correctly.

We have been thinking about sea water and other places where you will find water, such as a river.  This afternoon we will be comparing the capacities of two bottles.  We have also been thinking about plastic.  We will be using two plastic bottles.  These bottles are recyclable. 

Look at two soft toys and the two bottles.  Label one bottle ʻTeddyʼ and the other bottle ʻRabbitʼ. (Grown-ups, It would be good if the bottle with the larger capacity was shorter than the bottle with the lower capacity but this is not essential.) The teddy has a drinking bottle and so does the rabbit. Whose bottle do you think holds more water?

Can you talk about the height of the bottles.  Tall bottles do not always hold more.  Use a ladle or something similar. How many ladles do you think will fill the teddyʼs bottle? Make a clever guess. Record your estimate.  Count the number of ladles it takes to fill the bottle. Record the number. The teddyʼs bottle holds 6 ladles (example). How close was your estimate?  Repeat this to measure how many ladles the rabbitʼs bottle holds.  Make an estimate first, record this, and then fill the rabbitʼs bottle by using the ladle and counting.  Look at the two bottles. Which bottle holds the most liquid?

This week we have looked at different types of boats and ships.  Please share the ‘Boats and Ships’ PowerPoint again with your grown-up.  You may have read stories about pirates sailing the seas on their pirate ship!  On Purple Mash, can you design your own pirate ship?  

We hope you have a wonderful day.  Enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs Sanford and Miss Williamson