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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Acorn Daily Planner - 23.06.20

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Thank you for your wonderful turtle paintings. We have been so impressed with your art work. Well done Acorns!

It has been exciting to learn all about the green sea turtle. Today, we would like you to watch a video about turtles with your grown-up. This is the link you will need: Discuss any new information you have learnt.

Now we will be continuing to focus on the green sea turtle. In Literacy, we will be practising how to read and understand questions. Do you think you could answer some questions about the green sea turtle? Your grown-up has some questions that they will read to you. Think about the questions and see if you can answer each question. As you think about each question, please refer back to the Green Sea Turtles PowerPoint. Good luck Acorns!

We have attached the Green Words PowerPoint.  We would like you to continue practising how to blend letter sounds together to read simple words.  See how many words you can read in 10 minutes.  You may want to play a sentence game with your grown-up.  Choose a word and see if you can create a sentence containing that word.  How many sentences can you create?

In Maths, we will be practising how to count to 100 using actions. Look at the hundred square attached with your grown-up. Practise counting up to 100 aloud. Now we are going to get active! We will be counting to 100 and doing actions as we count. Before you start, decide on an action for each decade, e.g. clapping for 1−10, wing flaps for 11−20, wiggling fingers for 21−30, bunny hops for 31−40, rubbing hands for 41−50, nodding for 51−60, patting head for 61−70, moving bent arms like a train for 71−80, bending knees for 81−90 and jumping for 91−100.  Count to 100, doing the appropriate actions for each decade. You may decide to do this activity in the garden or an open space. Have fun!

We are going to use talk in imaginary situations. Examine the Boats and Ships PowerPoint with your grown-up and discuss.  Which sort of boat would you like to travel in for a day? Now you are going to go on an imaginary boat trip to a desert island. What will you take? Will you need food and water? What happens on your journey? Do you meet a pirate?  Do you meet a dolphin? You might become friends with a green sea turtle. Can you act out part of your story? At home, you can use toys to enhance your storytelling.  Can your grown-up guess what you are doing from your actions?

Afterwards, can you show your story through art? This can be done in a variety of ways. You may want to draw or paint part of your story. You may prefer to use playdough at home to create models of the characters in your story. You might decide to use objects to represent parts of your story.

We have been thinking a lot about the ocean during our sea topic. Reflect on the different types of activities people might do near or around water. Some people may swim in the sea or do other water activities. It is important to stay safe when you are near water. Share the ‘Stay Safe Around Water’ PowerPoint with your grown-up and discuss.

We hope you have a lovely day. Remember to say a big thank you to your grown-up for helping you at home with your learning.

Mrs Sanford and Miss Williamson