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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Acorn Daily Planner - 22.06.20

Monday 22nd June 2020

Good Morning Acorns,

We hope you had a great weekend and you are ready for a new week of learning. Last week, it was exciting to learn about the different types of sharks. Today we will be learning about turtles!

In Literacy, we would like you to start by sharing this video about turtles with your grown-up. This is the link you will need:
Afterwards, discuss what you have learnt about turtles. Some turtles are very big and some are small. Then share the PowerPoint with your grown-up. We will be focusing on the Green Sea Turtle. Can you draw the Green Sea Turtle and write one fact in your home learning book? Use your phonics to help spell new words. Remember to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop at the end of your sentence.

We would like you to practise reading keywords in a sentence. The PowerPoint is attached. It is important to be able to read confidently so we must practise everyday. There are a range of different sentences. How many sentences can you read in 1 minute? Look carefully at each word.

In Maths, we will be comparing different heights of objects. You will need to use three soft toys for this activity of different heights, e.g. a tall teddy, a small rabbit and a medium-sized dog. Which is the tallest? Which is the smallest? How do you know? Use direct comparison, stand one toy beside another and then perhaps order the three toys. The toys must all be standing on the same table. It wouldnʼt be fair if one was standing on a chair! We are going to find out how much taller the teddy is than the dog and how much taller the dog is than the rabbit (as an example).

Now you will need objects that you can count, e.g. lego, duplo, small wooden bricks etc. You will use these objects to measure how tall the objects are. We will use the lego to measure the teddy. Guess how many lego bricks tall the teddy is. Record your estimate in your home learning book. Remember an estimate is a clever guess. Count the lego bricks. Was your estimate close? Repeat this to measure the dog and the rabbit, making an estimate first, recording these, and then measuring each toy.

Look at your measurements. Compare the three numbers, pointing to them on a number track if you wish. A number track has been attached for you to use at home if you wish. This is an example: The teddy is 19 lego bricks tall; the dog is 12 lego bricks tall and the rabbit is only 7 lego bricks tall. The teddy is 7 lego bricks taller than the dog.

Yesterday, it was Father’s Day. It is a special day when we think about the people we love. On this day, you may think about the significant male role models in your life, such as your Dad, Grandad, Great-Great Grandad, Brother, Uncle etc. Please look at the Male Role Models PowerPoint again with your grown-up. Discuss the different activities the families are sharing together, e.g. enjoying a story together. Reflect on a time when you have shared a special dinner, celebration, outing, activity or holiday with your chosen role model. It may be a time when you played football with your Dad or a time when you went bowling with your Grandad. Can you draw a picture to show your special event? 

We hope you have enjoyed learning about the Green Sea Turtle today. Imagine a turtle swimming in the sea. Can you paint a picture of a Green Sea Turtle on Purple Mash? Reflect on the facts you learnt earlier about the Green Sea Turtle. Think carefully about which colours you will need to use. We look forward to seeing your wonderful pictures.

We have a lovely story for you to share with your grown-up. It is about a little boy who would like a pet. Can you guess what the pet might be? This is the link you will need:

Thank you for all your hard work. Remember to say thank you to your grown-up for helping you at home with your learning.

Mrs Sanford and Miss Williamson