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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Acorn Daily Planner - 19.06.20

Friday 19th June 2020

Good Morning Acorns,

We hope you enjoyed making your own octopus yesterday. We know the Acorns are very creative! We have some more exciting activities for you to complete at home today.

We will be thinking about Significant Male Role Models. A role model is somebody who sets a good example. A person who is kind and caring and shows others how they should behave. You may have different male role models in your family. For example, it could be your Dad, Grandad, Brother, Uncle or a family friend. Why are they a good role model? Share the Male Role Model PowerPoint with your grown-up and discuss.  In the PowerPoint you will see families.  How do you think the people are feeling in the pictures?

On Sunday it is Father’s Day. It is a special day when we think about the important people in our lives. You may want to think about your Dad, Grandad, Brother, Uncle or a family friend. Choose one person. Then make a card to show them how much you love them. There is an example attached for you to use if you wish.  

Can you draw a picture of somebody who is special to you? Can you write a label to accompany your drawing?  You could draw a picture of your Grandad and then use your phonics to help write the word ‘Grandad’ next to your picture.  Please do this task in your home learning book. 

In Maths, we will be subtracting small amounts (1 to 3) by counting back. For this activity, you will need a set of number cards from 1-10 and a dice. Also, a set of 10 small objects, e.g. 10 marbles or lego bricks etc. You can use the number cards you have made for previous activities. Peg number cards 1 to 10 on a washing line or lay the numbers on the floor. Hold up a bag and check that it is empty. Then count six balls (or use preferred toys at home) into the bag.

Roll the dice. Call out the number rolled, e.g. 2. Take out two balls. Solve the subtraction by counting out six fingers then folding two down, counting back to establish that there are four balls left. Then check to confirm how many balls are left in the bag. Ask your grown-up to model this subtraction on the pegged number line, showing that we count back two from 6, to land on 4. Write the matching subtraction number sentence in your home learning book:     6 − 2 = 4 .

Repeat by putting seven balls into the bag this time. Roll the dice and remove that many balls from the bag. Then use your fingers to count back to work out how many balls are left in the bag. Check on the pegged number line and write a subtraction number sentence to match, e.g. 7 − 3 = 4 .  Repeat, using a different number of balls in the bag, e.g. 10. Make sure you write each number sentence in your home learning book.

We would like you to revisit the tricky words that we practised yesterday. It is best to practise these words regularly as they can be tricky! Please find the PowerPoint attached.

We have been learning about different types of animals that live in the sea.  Play a fun game called ‘Guess the Animal’. This is the link you will need: Can you identify the correct animal?  We hope you enjoy this activity.

It is important to have time to rest. We have attached some ‘Mindfulness Colouring’ with a sea theme! So if you would like to have a relaxing afternoon and practise your colouring skills, then please look at the different sheets attached. You may decide to draw a sea creature instead and then colour in your picture with colouring pencils or felt-tip pens.

Thank you for working so hard this week. We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Sanford and Miss Williamson