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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Acorn Daily Planner - 16.06.20

Tuesday 16th June 2020

Good Morning Acorns,

We hope you enjoyed making your jellyfish yesterday. Today we have some more exciting activities for you to complete at home.

It is really important to keep reading regularly. We are going to practise blending letter sounds together to read simple words. We have attached the Green Word PowerPoint. Try and sound out as many words as you can within 10 minutes. You can always revisit the PowerPoint later in the day if you would like to practise reading more words.

We hope you are having fun learning about different types of shark. There are a wide variety of sharks. Today we will be continuing to think about different types of sharks. Please share the information video about sharks with your grown-up. This is the link you will need: Which is your favourite shark? Discuss the different facts you have learnt.

In Literacy, we will be using our phonics to help read new words. Share the 'Sharks' PowerPoint showing different types of sharks.  Then look at the attached pictures of sharks and labels.  See if you can use your phonics to help read the shark names.  Use your phonics to help identify the initial letter sound of each word.  Can you match each shark to the correct label? You can always refer back to the PowerPoint.  If you would like to, you can print and cut out the pictures and labels. Then glue and stick the pictures and labels into your home learning book.  You may prefer to copy and draw each shark and write its name. If you write your own labels, make sure you form your letters carefully.

In Maths, we will be learning to recognise coins 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p, matching each coin to numbers of 1p coins. Ask your grown-up if you can look at some different types of coins. You can always refer to our PowerPoint from yesterday. This has been attached again if you would like to use it.

Look at the hundred square with your grown-up. Count along the rows of the 100-square, pointing at each number as you say the numbers. Start again, pointing at 1. Hold up a 1p coin. Point to 2 on the number square. Hold a 2p coin. How many 1p coins make 2p? One 2p coin is the same as two 1p coins. If you have two 1p coins in your pocket, you have the same as one 2p coin. Repeat this, counting on along the 100-square to 5. The 5p coin is the same as five 1p coins. Repeat this, counting on along the 100-square to 10. The 10p coin is the same as ten 1p coins. Next count along to 20 and hold up a 20p coin. How many 1p coins are the same as 20p? Count twenty 1p coins. There are pennies on the PowerPoint attached that you can use to count if you do not have enough pennies to count at home. Look at a pile of twenty pennies and reflect on how this is worth the same as a 20p coin. 

Discuss how we use money in a shop.  Now you are going to pretend you are a shop owner! What will you sell in your shop? Can you draw 5 different items that you would like to sell in your shop? Write a price label for each item. Make sure you form your numbers carefully. Blank labels have been allocated on Active Learn if you would like to use them. If you would prefer to create your own, this is also fine.

Afterwards, see if you can find the correct coins to match your price labels? Sometimes you will have to use more than one coin.  For example, if you want to sell a doll that is 5p, you may draw two 2p coins and a 1p coin because 2p + 2p + 1p = 5p.

In Personal, Social and Emotional Development, we have been learning about different types of feelings. Today we will be thinking about saying sorry. When do you say sorry? Look at the ‘Saying Sorry’ PowerPoint with your grown-up and discuss. Think about a time when you have done something wrong. How were you feeling? Did you say sorry to a friend? How did you feel when you said sorry? Draw a picture to show a situation when you needed to say sorry to somebody else.

We have just been thinking about times when we have said ‘sorry’. In RE, we have been learning about Jesus’ rule to love one another and forgive one another. When you forgive someone, how does this make you feel? Peaceful, relieved etc. Reflect on a time when you have shown forgiveness. Have you forgiven a friend after they were unkind to you? Discuss experiences with your grown-up. We would like you to create two hands as a symbol of forgiveness. You will need paper, a pencil and a pair of scissors.  First draw around your hands so you have two handprints. Then cut out both hands. Place both hands together with the thumbs touching, you should see a shape that looks similar to a heart. Use glue and stick both hands into your home learning book. Colour the heart red by using colouring pencils or felt tip pens. Afterwards, write a word on each hand to describe how you feel when you have shown forgiveness, e.g. happy and calm. Remember to form your letters cursively.

Let’s finish the day with a song! Please listen to ‘Baby Shark’. This is the link you will need: We think you will like this song.

We hope you have a wonderful day.  Keep smiling!

Mrs Sanford and Miss Williamson