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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Acorn Daily Planner - 14.05.20

Thursday 14th May 2020

Good Morning Acorns,

We have been so happy to see the great bus designs! We are sure the bus drivers would be so impressed with your creations. If you have been completing the daily challenges, you are a super-star! Well done. We have some new activities for you to complete at home today.

In Literacy, we will be continuing with our space topic. Please share the PowerPoint attached with your grown-up.  Discuss the different types of planets.  Talk about your favourite planet. Imagine that you can create a new planet. What would your planet be like? Would there be people or animals living on your planet? Can you give your planet a name? Draw your imaginary planet in your home learning book.  Then write a sentence about your planet. Make sure you use your phonics to help spell each word. Please form your letters carefully.

We have been practising our counting this week. In Maths today, we will begin to count fingers by counting in 5s. You will need some paper or card for this activity. You may have other materials, such as old wallpaper that you could use. Make sure you ask your grown-up for permission before using any resources. Cut the card/paper into strips, each one long enough to fit at least six handprints. Draw around your hand to create handprints, leaving room to write a number to the right or underneath each handprint. Repeat until you have filled the card/paper with handprints. How many fingers are there? Count in 5s to find the total. Then write the multiples of 5 underneath or to the side of your handprints. You can display the multiples of 5 to 50 to support your writing. We have attached a PowerPoint to help you with this.

In our Religious Education lessons, we have thought about where we pray, e.g. in a church, home, school etc. Where do you pray? When do you pray? Think about the prayers we say at school. Reflect on how wonderful it is to pray to God. How do you feel after you have said your prayer? People can pray in different places, e.g. church, chapel, synagogue etc. Today, we would like you to look at a mosque. A mosque is a place of worship for Muslims.  Please share the PowerPoint with your grown-up and discuss. Think about the similarities and differences between a church and a mosque. Can you draw a picture of a mosque in your home learning book? 

Then we have an exciting activity on Purple Mash for you to complete. Can you create your own mosque on Purple Mash? Which colours will you use? We look forward to seeing your pictures.

We hope you have a wonderful day. You’re doing so well and achieving so much. Keep up the good work!

Mrs Sanford and Miss Williamson