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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Acorn Daily Planner - 11.05.20

Monday 11th May 2020

Good Morning Acorns,

We hope you had a lovely weekend with your family. We are pleased to see that you have enjoyed learning about VE Day. The Union flags have been amazing, and we like your party hats! Today we have some exciting new activities for you to complete at home.

Today we will be reflecting on someone special called Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale was a nurse who saved many lives. International Nurses Day on 12th May is also her 200th birthday.  She looked after many soldiers during the Crimea War between 1853-1856. Florence Nightingale knew the importance of hygiene and she wanted to improve sanitary conditions. She met with Queen Victoria in 1856 and spoke to her about poor sanitation. Florence Nightingale believed good hygiene and washing hands thoroughly were essential. We would like you to find out a few facts about Florence Nightingale. There is a PowerPoint attached about Florence Nightingale. Also, we would like you to share this video with your grown-up. This is the link you will need:

Afterwards, please draw a picture of Florence Nightingale and write one fact in your home learning book. Remember to use your phonics to help spell new words. Please form your letters cursively.

Florence Nightingale was educated at home by her Father, similar to you learning at home at the moment.  Florence Nightingale enjoyed her lessons and she particularly excelled in mathematics and science. She loved to record and organise information from an early age. Nurses need to record information and sometimes they will need to write numbers, for example to record a patient’s temperature etc. Florence Nightingale needed to form her numbers correctly so that other nurses could see which numbers she had written.

Today, we would like you to practise your number formation, so you can be a mathematician like Florence Nightingale. Practise writing numbers up to 20 in your home learning book. If you can write numbers up to 30, we will be really happy. If you can write numbers up to 40, you will be a super-star just like Florence Nightingale!

As we have mentioned, it is Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday tomorrow. If you had to give Florence Nightingale a gift, what would it be? Would it be something to help with her nursing? She loved to collect shells. Would you give her a new shell? Afterwards, think about how you might wrap your gift. Can you design a gift box for your present on Purple Mash?

Nurses work hard to look after people who are ill. Today, nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals are looking after many people with the Coronavirus. Can you talk to your grown-up about the role of a nurse? Nurses are kind and caring people. Would you like to be a nurse when you grow up? Please share the PowerPoint attached with your grown-up to find out more information about people who help us in hospitals.  You may want to do a different type of job. You may want to help people in another way, e.g. be a Firefighter.  Talk about what job you would like to do and tell your grown-up why? You can draw a picture of your chosen job role in your home learning book.

We hope you have a great day. Happy learning!

Mrs Sanford and Miss Williamson