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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Acorn Daily Planner - 22.04.20

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good Morning Acorns,

We hope you have enjoyed making your rockets at home. Thank you for your wonderful birthday cakes, Bob will be very happy to eat all of your yummy cakes! Well done to all of the children who are working hard everyday to complete each activity.

Today we have some new challenges for you!

In this week’s story, Bob travels to the moon in his rocket. We would like you to research a few facts about the moon with your grown-up. The moon looks small to us in the sky, but really it is big! Why does it look small? It is far away. Talk about how people really have landed on the moon.  Can you draw a picture of the moon in your home learning book? Can you use your phonics to help write a label for your picture. For your information grown-ups, we would encourage the children to sound out the word m…oo…n. The ‘oo’ sound is the same sound as in the words, ‘too’ and ‘zoo’.

In Maths today we will be looking at numbers up to 20 and you will need a set of number cards up to 20. It would be lovely to make your own set of number cards with paper and a pen. Each number could be a different colour. If you already have a set of number cards and you would prefer to use these, that is fine. You will need to lay out the number cards in a line or you could make a little washing line and attach the numbers with pegs. Count along the line saying each number aloud up to 20. Afterwards, see if you can count back from 20 to 0.

Then close your eyes whilst your grown-up mixes up the number cards! Can you put the numbers back into the correct order? Once the numbers are back in the correct order, turn over all the number cards so that you cannot see the numbers. Then select 3 cards at random. Look carefully at the numbers and tell your grown-up what the numbers are. Can you order the numbers from smallest to largest? Once you have done this, put the numbers back and select 3 different numbers. See if you can order these numbers from smallest to largest.

We have been focussing on a new story called Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram. We would like you to think about the aliens you saw in the story. Can you make your own alien? This can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the resources you have at home. For example, you can make an alien model with playdough or plasticine, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. You may have other resources or you might want to create a 3D model of an alien by using little boxes. Your grown-up may want to ask you different questions. What sort of alien are you making? Can you describe your alien? Does your alien live on the moon where Bob works? Does your alien live on a planet? What planet is he or she from? What is it like there?

For your second topic activity, we would like you to think about the different textures we have looked at in previous art activities. On Purplemash, can you create a pattern by using different textures? Can you talk about the colours you are using? Can you describe your pattern to your grown-up? We think you will enjoy this art challenge!

Remember to always be polite and respectful to your grown-ups at home. Give your grown-up a smile and say thank you for helping you with your learning.

We hope you have a great day.

Mrs Sanford and Miss Williamson