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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Acorn Daily Planner - 21.04.20

Tuesday 21st April 2020 

Good Morning Acorns,

We have enjoyed looking at your amazing rocket designs.  A wonderful way to launch our new space topic!  We have some new challenges for you today.

In Literacy, we would like you to listen to the story called Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram again.  This is the link you will need:  What is Bob's job? Can you explain what he did on the moon?  Would you like to work on the moon? What would you do on the moon? What jobs might there be to do?   Share ideas with your grown-up.  Invent some new 'moon-job' titles. 

Now it is time for a little drama!  Imagine you have a job working on the moon.  What will you do? How can you act out doing it? Can your grown-up or family tell what your job is by watching you act?

To warm-up our super Maths brains, we would like you to practise counting aloud up to 20.  If you can count beyond 20, that is great.  See if you can count all the way up to 100.

In Maths today, we will be thinking about estimation.  We will estimate a set of objects saying whether they are more or less than a given number.  Ask your grown-up to select a group of objects for you (10-20 objects).  The objects for this activity could be a pile of stones, toys, shells, pencils etc.  Remember an estimate is a clever, careful guess. 

When your grown-up has placed a pile of objects in front of you, remember you should not count but guess!  Do you think there are more than 10 or less than 10?  More than 20 or less than 20?  Write a few estimates in your home learning book.  Then count the pile of objects to find the actual total.  Look at how close the estimates were.  Repeat this activity 3 times with different sets of objects.  

Today for your first topic activity, we would like you to think about the main character in this week's story.  Imagine it is Bob's birthday.  Whilst he is working on the moon, can you surprise him with a birthday cake?  How old do you think Bob is?  On Purplemash, decorate a birthday cake for Bob.  We will look forward to seeing your delicious birthday cakes! 

For your second activity, we would like you to get creative!  Can you design your own rocket?  You will need a few cardboard boxes for the structure of your rocket.  Other items such as, paper, glue, scissors, tape and anything else that you would like to use for your rocket.  Always ask your grown-up's permission before using any resources.  Please be careful when you are using different tools to create your rocket.  The Acorn class are very creative so we know that the rockets will be fabulous.

We hope you have a fun day.  Happy Learning!

Mrs Sanford and Miss Williamson