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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Lucy, as you see, got to visit Leeds Castle! How lucky! That's the castle we would have gone to on our class trip. Thank you Lucy for sharing this with the class. I bet you learned a lot on your visit!

Riddle: I never forget. What am I?

Answer at the end of today's blog. No peeking!

Here is our work for today Wednesday 8 July 8.7.2020

Spelling  - Adding -er and -est to adjectives where no change is needed to the root word.

Complete your 3rd attempt today.

Download Wednesday’s Word which you can read together and complete whenever/if you choose.


Maths – Counting Coins

Warm up - Count forwards to 100 in 5s. Ready? Go! Now count forwards to 100 in 10s! Now count backwards from 100 in 10s! Good job!

Today’s lesson is on counting coins. We are going to add them up and use the correct symbols.

Watch White Rose Maths Summer Term – Week 10 Lesson 4

Pause the video when you are asked a question and tell your grown-up your answer, then listen to the answer.

Now complete the worksheet.

Challenge – Download the True or False challenge for today and have a go!



Go through the PowerPoint and see if you can pop all the balloons by reading all the tricky words!


GoNoodle Relieve Anxiety


Break                  Snack and Outdoor Play             Wash hands


English -  Jim and the Beanstalk

Let’s think about the two stories we have read, Jack and the Beanstalk and Jim and the Giant. Let’s look carefully at the two boys. Are they similar? Are they different? Let’s compare them. Go through the PowerPoint. Read all the adjectives we can use to describe them. Which boy do you like better? Why? Tell your grown-up. Now describe each boy using some of the words from the PowerPoint.


Lunch                  Wash hands     Pray       Outdoor play      Wash hands


History Jobs in a castle

We learned about some of the jobs in a castle. Watch this to remind you of what we’ve learned.

Go through the PowerPoint and learn all about a knight’s armour.

Now complete the worksheet. Choose which one you would like to do.


Handwriting – Music Colour Choir

Log onto Busythings and explore the colour choir. I would like you to try and make a different repeated pattern in each column using different colour notes instead of randomly clicking colours all over.

Busythings/Key Stage 1/Ash/Music/Play and Exploration/Colour Choir

Have fun!



Listen to Lotus and Feather read by Michelle Yeoh


Tidy Up Time

Help your grown-up to clear the work area and remember to work as a team.

Riddle Answer:  leeantph   (unscramble the letters)