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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Morning everyone. I hope you had a weekend filled with joy and love and laughter. I was certainly joyful when I saw all this leafy art! What imaginations you have! You are so creative. Thank you grown-ups for sending in all the pictures. Today is the Feast day of St. Peter and St. Paul so you will begin your day with a liturgy to celebrate our patron saints.

Quiz: Who owns these weird furry horns? A giraffe, a reindeer, a stag or a caribou?

Answer at the end of today's work - no peeking!

Here's our work for today Monday 29 June 29.6.2020

Timetable saved below as usual for those of  you who wish to download it.

Spelling  - Adding the endings -ing, ed, and er to verbs

Download your spelling for this week. Complete your 1st attempt today.

Enter your next weather watch observation.


Liturgy – The Feast of St Peter and St Paul

What is the name of our school? That’s right! St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary. Today is a special day because we celebrate the feast day of these two saints.

Go through the PowerPoint and learn about our patron saints.

Watch to learn about our saints.

Watch this clip to learn the’ Here’s the church’ finger game

Let’s sing Siyahamb’e


Maths – Counting to 100

Warm Up – count up to 100 in 1s. Use a loud voice for all the odd numbers and whisper voice for all the even numbers. Ready? Go!

Download your number square and have it ready to use. Keep it to use in other lessons this week!

Today’s lesson is on counting to 100. A number square can help us count to 100. We are going to work with a number square to help us find numbers.

 Watch White Rose Maths Summer Term – Week 9 Lesson 1

Pause the video when you are asked a question and tell your grown-up your answer, then listen to the answer. Now complete the worksheet.

Challenge – Download the True or False challenge and have a go!


Imoves  - Mighty Monday – Yoga Fit  1b

Practice your yoga poses. Watch and follow Gaye.


Break                  Snack and Outdoor Play             Wash hands


English -  Jim and the Beanstalk

Watch this trailer for our story.

Excited to hear the story? I bet! Jim and the Beanstalk is a sequel to Jack and the Beanstalk, the book we read last week.  What is a sequel? A sequel is a story, book, or movie that comes after another story, book, or movie. 

A sequel has important parts of the first story like characters and places. What movies do you know that have a sequel? I thought of Toy Story 1 and Toy story 2. Toy story 2 is the sequel because it comes after Toy Story 1. What about Home Alone? It has a sequel too. Or Frozen 2, Shrek, Ice Age, Madagascar; there are many sequels you may know. At the end of our unit of Jim and the Beanstalk you will be writing your own sequel!

At the end of Jack and the Beanstalk the Giant is never seen again, or is he?

Stop at 1.04! when Jim is waiting at the castle door.

Fill in the story map with a sentence to answer each question about was has happened so far.


Lunch                  Wash hands     Pray       Outdoor play      Wash hands


Science - Trees

You learned a lot about trees last week. Can you name some of the trees you remember? Tell your grown-up.  Let’s go through the PowerPoint to help us name some of them. Pay special attention to their seeds because you will have to be a tree detective later! Go out for a walk in the garden, down the street or in the woods. Look carefully at the trees and try to identify them not only by their leaves but also by their seed. Collect the seeds from two different trees. Youi will need to draw them when you get back, so choose wisely!

Now you are back, look carefully at your seeds. Draw them in your book and write down the name of the tree it came from.



Colour in the pictures of St Peter and St Paul. Write their names.


Story Time

Listen to Storytime with Nick: There is NO dragon in this story.


Tidy Up Time

Help your grown-up to clear the work area and remember to work as a team.

Quiz Answer:   gffirae                                                    (Unscramble the letters)