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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Great work on your castles everyone! I love all the arrow slit windows and the portcullis I can see. Good choice of material too, stone! We have William the Conqueror to thank for building castles in England.

Quiz Time: What animal can you see?

Answer, fact and video link at the end!

Here's our work for today Tuesday 23 June 23.6.2020

Spelling  - Adding s and es to words

Complete your 2nd attempt today.

Enter your next weather watch observation.


Maths – Comparing objects within 50

Warm Up - Count up in 1s to 50. Now count in 2s to 50. Count in 5s to 50 and finally count in 10s to 50!

So today we are going to compare objects within 50.


White Rose Maths Comparing objects within 50

Pause the video when you are asked a question and tell your grown-up your answer, then listen to the answer. Now complete the worksheet.

Challenge – Download the True or False challenge for today and have a go!



Please follow the set 3 lesson for that day


imoves  - Challenge Tuesday - Popping Rhythm and Beat

Follow Jack’s rhythm and beat moves!

You can practise the moves out in the garden (or school playground) at play time!


Break                  Snack and Outdoor Play             Wash hands


English -  Jack and the Beanstalk

Can you remember why Jack is selling Daisy? How much did Ma say she wanted Jack to sell Daisy for? Why is Jack upset about selling Daisy?

Episode 1 Five Magic Beans

• listen and look out for what things people say to Jack

• listen for the things that Jack thinks to himself

Tell your grown-up the answer to these questions

• Why doesn’t anyone want to buy Daisy?

• Why did Jack think Ma would be cross?

• What does the old man offer Jack instead of money?

Episode 1 Beans for the birds

• listen and look out for how Jack feels as the story continues

• listen for how Ma reacts when Jack gets home

Tell your grown-up the answer to these questions

• What does Jack make the old man promise?

• How does Jack feel when he gives Daisy to the man?

• What else does the old man give Jack as well as the beans?

• What did Ma say when Jack told her what he had done?

• How does Ma punish Jack?

Episode 1 And the beanstalk grew

• listen and look out for what Jack wishes and dreams about

• listen for the sounds they can hear in this episode.

Tell your grown-up the answer to these questions

• What does Jack wish as he goes to sleep?

• What does Jack dream about in the night?

• What happens while Jack was asleep?

• What was the mysterious rustling sound?

Now complete Jack's Dreams worksheet.


Lunch                  Wash hands     Pray       Outdoor play      Wash hands


Science – Trees

Let’s see what we remember from our tree hunt yesterday. Go through the PowerPoint, ending with the quiz.  Hope you kept your leaves! Can you name each leaf you collected?


What can you make with your leaves? Give it a go! You may have to go out and collect a few more! Stick your design down on paper and label each leaf (write its name). Take a picture and send it in for our blog. Can’t wait to see how creative you have been.


RE – Neighbours

Jesus told us to love our neighbours. Our neighbours are not only the people we live next door to, but every single person in this world, be they near or far. Imagine a world full of neighbours, friends we just don’t know!

Colour in the worksheet. Have fun finding all your new neighbours round the world!

Sing along to He’s got the whole world in His hands.


Story Time with Nick

Listen to Nick read There’s a snake in my school.


Tidy Up Time

Help your grown-up to clear the work area and remember to work as a team.

Quiz Answer:  Blue Whale    Fact: Their tongues weigh the same as a cow!

Watch Amazing Animals