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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

So happy to see Chloe and her little sister practising their yoga! Hope you all know a few poses now. Did you have a good look in the garden? What flowers did you see? I have been watching my buddleia begin to bloom. Did you know it is also called the butterfly bush. I see lots of bees and butterflies visiting the bush.

What flower do you see?

Here's our work for today Tuesday 16 June 16.6.2020

Spelling  - The /v/ sound at the end of words

Download your spelling for this week. Complete your 2nd attempt today.

Enter your next weather watch observation.


Maths – Count in 5s

Today we are going to revise counting in fives. Can you count up to 100 in 5s? Have a go. Can you count backwards in 5s from 100? Let’s go!

Now watch

White Rose Maths Summer Term Week 7 – Lesson 2 Counting in 5s

Pause the video when you are asked a question and tell your grown-up your answer, then listen to the answer. Now complete the worksheet.

Challenge – Download the True or False challenge for today and have a go!

Maths Fun: Skip counting maze – get the boy all the way to the tree by skip counting in 5s.



Please follow the set 3 lesson for that day


Mindfulness – On & Off GoNoodle


Break                  Snack and Outdoor Play             Wash hands


English -  I Want My Hat Back Prefix –un

Yesterday we learned that a prefix goes in front of a word and changes its meaning. Go through the PowerPoint for a quick revision. Now complete the worksheet using the prefix -un to describe the events in our story.


Lunch                  Wash hands     Pray       Outdoor play      Wash hands


Science – Sunflowers

We have been growing a flower called a sunflower. How is your sunflower doing? What do we know about the life cycle of a sunflower? Watch

Complete the worksheet then watch this to make your own paper sunflower. You will need yellow, green and brown paper, scissors, glue and a stick.

Send in your pictures of you holding your finished work for our blog!

Listen to the story Sunflower House by Eve Bunting


RE – Love One Another

Before he died Jesus gave his disciples a new commandment.  He told them to love one another, just as He loved them. Should we love one another?

Go through the PowerPoint.

  • What do you think this means?
  • How did Jesus show his love for all the people he met?
  • What would happen if we all kept that rule, what would the world be like?
  • When is it easy to keep such a rule?
  • When is it harder?
  • How can we try to be more like Jesus?

Watch this video clip to learn the words from the bible verse John 13: 34-35

Now sing the song with the actions follow this link

Colour in the commandment and stick it in your book.


Story Time – Tata Storytime

Listen to Buster finds his beat read by Kemi-Bo Jacobs


Tidy Up Time

Help your grown-up to clear the work area and remember to work as a team.

Quiz Answer:  bttuerupc                                (Unscramble the letters)