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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Hasn't Chloe been busy! She used cardboard at first but found that too flimsy. So they stuck a stick to it. But it wasn’t quite balanced. She stuck a pencil on the top of one side so it was balanced empty and then she could start with her experiment! Good thinking and problem solving Chloe.

Grown-ups I will be uploading a printable copy of each day's plan as some of you prefer to print this out for your daily work rather than accessing it online. Hope this helps.

I am enjoying the live cam on Springwatch. Keep a little watch while you work. Those mummy birds are so busy. Use this link

Animal Quiz

Here's our work for Wednesday 10 June 10.6.2020

Spelling  – tch

Practise your spelling for this week. Complete your 3rd attempt today.

Enter your next weather watch observation.


Maths – Make equal groups (sharing)

Ready for the today’s Maths lesson? Yesterday we made equal groups by grouping; today we are going to make equal groups by sharing. Thinking caps on, let’s go!

Watch White Rose Maths Summer Term week 1 Lesson 3 Make equal groups (sharing)

Pause the video when you are asked a question and tell your grown-up your answer, then listen to the answer.

CHALLENGE - download the True or False Challenge for today and have a go!


RWI Phonics

Please select the level appropriate for your child and follow the lesson for that day

YouTube channel.    


Use the Yoga Activity Cards to learn the different poses


B R E A K               snack and outdoor play              Wash hands


English   I want My Hat Back

Today I would like you to read the story using the PowerPoint. When you are reading notice that each character’s speech is in a different colour. Fox’s speech is in orange, frog’s is in green. Why do you think the author chose these colours? Talk to your grown-up. Now read the story using different voices for each character.  I want you to make your own little characters for the story. We call this a story basket – so keep them in a little basket or bag. Use the pictures on the worksheet to make your characters. You will need your story basket characters tomorrow.


L U N C H         Pray    outdoor play        wash hands after play


Topic Work  William the Conqueror

Today we will read the whole story of William the Conqueror. Go through the PowerPoint. Talk about the story with your grown-up. Watch this film about a young boy Will, from the present, interview (ask questions) William and Harold from the past. This is filmed at the real place where the Battle of Hastings took place. Look at the clothes they wore in 1066 and the weapons they used to fight.


Computers Coding

Log onto Busy things/KS1/Ash/Computing/Busy Code/Code Disco/Tutorial 1: The Basics

Watch the video then follow the instructions to complete the 9 steps to complete the tutorial. Don’t forget to press play! Go disco Beard Man!


Story Time

Listen to Sing to the Moon red by Adjoa Andoh Tata Storytime


Tidy Up Time       

Help your home teacher to clean your work area and remember to work as a team.

Quiz Answer:  tterbflyu  (unscramble the letters)