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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Good morning everyone. The bird in the picture is an Osprey. I have been watching a mummy and daddy osprey, Louis and Aila, feed their little chicks live! Their nest is in the Woodland Trust pine forest in Caledonia, Scotland. You can watch them too on the Woodland Trust's webcam. Use this link

Animal quiz 3. What animal is this?


Here's our work for today Wednesday 3 June 3.6.2020

Spelling  – o-e u-e split digraphs

Practise your spelling for this week. Complete your 3rd attempt today.

Enter your third weather watch observation.


Maths - Mass, capacity and volume

We have two new words to learn today, capacity and volume. Capacity is how much liquid a container can hold. When we measure how much liquid is inside, that is volume.We have other words to learn like empty and full, more or less.

Watch White Rose Maths Summer Term week 6 Lesson 3 Introduce capacity and volume

Pause the video when you are asked a question and tell your grown-up your answer, then listen to the answer.

Watch this to remember all the new vocabulary we have learned.

Now complete the worksheet.

CHALLENGE - download the True or False Challenge for today and have a go!


PE – Kids Home Exercises, grow taller

OR Check out the Academy’s new ‘Healthy Living’ page and try one of the 20 minute active lessons


B R E A K               snack and outdoor play              Wash hands


RWI Phonics                                                                                                   Please select the level appropriate for your child and follow the daily lesson.          YouTube channel.    


English   I want My Hat Back

Listen to the story Jennie’s Hat

What a beautiful hat she had! What kind of hat would you create?

Download the worksheet and decorate your own hat. I would like you to write a sentence or more if you can, to describe your hat. You will need to use a comma when you use more than one adjective in your describing sentence. Watch this video to see how to use a comma

Now describe your hat. Don’t forget to use at least 3 adjectives e.g. My beautiful hat has pretty, small, red flowers.

*Remember to use a capital letter to begin the sentence with a full stop at the end.


L U N C H         Pray    outdoor play        wash hands after play


Topic Work  William the Conqueror

Do you know what the word conqueror means? It means to gain power. We are going to learn about a man called William, who later became known as William the Conqueror because he took power and became king of England, a long time ago in the year 1066. That is 954 years ago!

Go through the PowerPoint and learn a little bit about him. Now answer these questions orally – that means just tell your grown-up your answer.

  1. Where was William born?
  2. How old was he when his father died?
  3. How do you know he was brave and fearless?
  4. Who was his cousin in England?
  5. What did he say his cousin had promised?

Do you like William? Why or why not? Explain your answer to your grown-up.


Computers Coding

Log onto Busy things/KS1/Ash/Computing/Early coding/Path Peril

Read the instructions then press start. Look at the top left corner, see the order of the path you need to set and use the arrow buttons to set the path. Press the button with the bird on it when you are happy with the path you have chosen. Each time you complete a coding challenge press the blue back button in the bottom left corner, under the little blue house. Select Path Peril again and you will get a new path to code. Happy coding!



Read from a book from home OR log onto Purple Mash and complete The Secret of the Sandcastle Chapter 1: Missing Words which has been set as a 2Do for you!


Tidy Up Time       

Help your home teacher to clean your work area and remember to work as a team.

Quiz Answer: riffage