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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

It's Friday! Well done grown-ups and children for getting through another week of home schooling! Have a lovely weekend, listen out for the birds, look out for the butterflies and bees, smell the flowers, take care of one another - it's International Day of Families today. Love, play, learn, grow!

Here's our our work for today Friday 15 May

9.00 – 9.10


Spelling Test – ask your adult to test you on the words you have been learning. You can use your spelling test book OR the 5th attempt column.


English   Tadpole’s Promise

Today you have a little booklet. Your adult will help you put this together. I would like you to stick in or draw a picture at the top of each box; there are 6 boxes. The pictures you draw/stick in should be in the sequence of the story. Box 1 must be the beginning! You must write a sentence for each picture at the bottom of the box, telling your story.


PE -  “PE with Joe” The Body Coach

OR Check out the Academy’s new ‘Healthy Living’ page and try one of the 20 minute active lessons


B R E A K               snack and outdoor play              Wash hands



Read from a book from home OR log onto Purple Mash and complete Chapter 4: Paint Project which has been set as a 2Do for you!


Maths - Subtraction

Complete the worksheet. There is a number line to help if you would like to use it for the first page. Use any subtraction method you know for the second worksheet.


L U N C H         Pray    outdoor play        wash hands after play


Art – Monet

Watch to learn about Monet, a French painter.

We have been reading the story Tadpole’s Promise so I think we can use Monet’s style of painting and see if we can make one of his famous paintings called Water Lilies. Remember caterpillar finds tadpole, which is now a frog, sitting on a water lily!

Watch this and make your own Monet water lily picture.



Log onto Busy Things. KS1/Ash/Golden Time/Bobble Beat. See what beat s you can create!


Phonics Play – ure and er

Start/phase 3 ure and er sounds


Tidy Up Time       

Help your home teacher to clean your work area and remember to work as a team.