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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Grown ups, I just want to thank you all for the work you are doing, you are great! I know it is not easy trying to juggle your own WFH as well as home-schooling your children. Your home-schooling should not be stressful, so please do what works for you and your family. If sticking to the daily timetable works for you, then great, but if you prefer to do things at different times of the day, then that’s fine too. Remember you can use Twinkl website for their daily Learning Hub lessons,  or to search for alternative and additional resources, as this has been made free to parents and carers during the Lockdown. It is just as important during this time to pause and make memories together.  Play games together, build dens indoors and out, do a jigsaw, bake, paint, colour, watch a film, dance, sing, read, watch your seeds grow, go for a walk, listen to the birds and have fun!

Here is our work for Tuesday 5 May

9.00 – 9.10


Practise your spelling for this week. Complete your 2nd attempt today.


English – Tadpole’s Promise Contractions

Go through the PowerPoint Contraction twins. Say the contraction before you click to find the answer. Now complete the worksheet.


PE -  “PE with Joe” The Body Coach

OR Check out the Academy’s new ‘Healthy Living’ page and try one of the 20 minute active lessons


B R E A K               snack and outdoor play              Wash hands



Read from a book from home OR log onto Purple Mash and complete Chapter 3: Missing words and Chapter 3: Joining Word which have both been set as a 2Do for you!


Maths  Money using Tens and ones

Count up in 5s from 0 to 100. Now count backwards from 100 – 0.

Use your coins from yesterday. Take a 5p coin and add 3 more pennies. How much money do you have? Correct 8p.  5p + 3p = 8p. If you add a 10p coin how much do you have now? 10p + 5p make 15p and another 3p makes 18p. We can write 15p + 3p = 18p. Add another 10p. Now you have 25p + 3p = 28p. Do you see a pattern? If I added another 10p, how much would there be?

Can you complete this number chain? Use your coins if you need them. Write it in your book.

3 + 4 = 7

13 + 4 = 17

23 + 4 = 27

Continue up to 93 + 4.

Now use the 100 square and colour in all your answers. What do you notice?


L U N C H         Pray    outdoor play        wash hands after play


Topic Work  Growing and Planting

How are your seeds doing? We will need to fill in week 2 of your Bean Diary. Please draw a picture of what your bean in the jar looks like now. Label the parts you see. Colour it in if you can. Write down what has happened to your bean so far? Anything new?


Topic Work  RE Pentecost

Jesus kept His promise and sent the Holy Spirit.

Do the online interactive Jigsaw puzzle of the dove.

Draw a dove in your book and under it draw a flame above the head of Peter the disciple. Colour in the flame and write a sentence about the Holy Spirit.


Phonics Play – phoneme oa

Buried Treasure/start/phase 3/ oa


Tidy Up Time       

Help your home teacher to clean your work area and remember to work as a team.