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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

It's National Gardening Week. I hope your seeds have arrived! My TIP - soak your seeds before you plant them, they germinate faster!

Here's our work for Monday 27

9.00 – 9.10


Download your spelling for this week. Complete your 1st attempt today.


English – Tadpole’s Promise

What things have you been doing this morning? Talking? Eating? Walking? These are all words that tell me what you have been doing. Their special name is verbs – verbs are doing words!

Now watch - What Are Verbs

Download the PowerPoint and read Tadpole’s Promise.  There are lots of verbs in the story. Put your finger on each verb as you read the story. Write down the verbs you find.


PE -  “PE with Joe” The Body Coach

OR Check out the Academy’s new ‘Healthy Living’ page and try one of the 20 minute active lessons


B R E A K               snack and outdoor play              Wash hands



Read from a book from home OR log onto Purple Mash and read Anna and the Third Leaf Chapter 2 and the Quiz which have both been set as a 2Do for you!


Maths Tens and ones

Count up in ones from 0-30. Now write them in your book. Which numbers only have ONE digit? Say them out loud. Which numbers have TWO digits?  Now watch

Colour in all the ONE digit numbers red. Colour all the TWO digit numbers blue. Draw blocks to show the number 8. Colour them in red. Now draw blocks to show the number 10. Colour the tower blue.


L U N C H         Pray    outdoor play        wash hands after play


Topic Work  Growing and Planting

I hope your letter has arrived in the post! There are 3 different types of seeds in it, beans, peas and sunflowers! Can you see that they are all different shapes and sizes? The biggest ones are the beans, the little round ones are the peas and the black and white ones are the sunflower seeds. I would like you to plant them and watch them grow.

Watch to learn about seeds.

Follow the worksheet and get growing! Try all the different planting methods if you can.


Topic Work  RE Ascension Day

I loved your Easter stories. Jesus is alive again. What happens after Easter?


Ascend means to go up. Jesus ascended into heaven to be with his father God. I am happy that he is with his father, aren’t you? Draw a picture of Jesus ascending into heaven. Write a sentence about your picture.


Phonics Play – letters j v w x

Dragons Den Phase 3


Tidy Up Time       

Help your home teacher to clean your work area and remember to work as a team.