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  • Monday 11th January 2021

    Published 10/01/21, by Miss Everson 2

    All home learning will be uploaded to Google Classroom from now on.

    Once on Google Classroom, click on the classwork tab above the banner.

    Click on the day we are on.

    Look at the time table for the structure of the day .

    Work through your lessons as normal.

    Live lessons are still scheduled for 10:00 am each day and can be accessed by clicking on the meet link on the class banner (this will be open to students 5 - 10 minutes before the lesson).

    If there is work to be completed, you can complete the attached 'sheet' and then click 'turn in'.

    I will be able to mark the work and or add a comment this way. Alternatively, you can continue to write your work and upload a photograph of it. I will then endeavour to give some feedback. See you at 10:00 am!

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  • FRiday 8th January 2021

    Published 07/01/21, by Miss Everson 2

    Congratulations - you have made it through our first week of home learning! It has been fantastic seeing lots of you in the live lessons, hopefully we will get to a full class next week. As you are now experts at logging into Google Classroom, from next week I will be uploading all your work there, instead of on the blog. I have put today's English work there for you to practise today. I'll see you at 10:00am for your maths lesson.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

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  • Thursday 7th January 2021

    Published 06/01/21, by Miss Everson 2

    It was lovely to see lots of you yesterday. We will be  meeting again at 10:00am for the start of our English lesson. Make sure you have got some paper and a pencil or pen to write with for your live session to jot down some of your ideas.

    You will need your PurpleMash log in for your computing lesson in the afternoon.

    See you at 10:00.

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  • Wednesday 6th January 2021

    Published 05/01/21, by Miss Everson 2

    I hope everyone managed to complete the learning yesterday. If you have any problems your parents can email the Academy. I'm looking forward to seeing you today on the Live Lesson at 10:00am, I think there are about 8 pupils who have accepted their Google Classroom invite so far, it will be great to see a few more of you. The details are below. Hopefully the technology won't defeat us!

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  • Tuesday 5th January 2021

    Published 04/01/21, by Miss Everson 2

    I hope everyone managed to have a lovely Christmas and you got some fantastic presents from Father Christmas.

    We are back to home learning, so hope you are all ready to impress the grown ups you live with as they will be your teacher again.

    For now we will be uploading our lessons and activities on the blog, but we will move to Google Classroom when you have all accepted your invite.

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  • Week beginning 14 December

    Published 15/12/20, by Ms Dhana

    This is the final week of school. We have lots of creative work to complete before Christmas. I have attached English, Maths and Phonics Booklets for your work this week, as well as all the creative projects for you to complete. Merry Christmas.

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  • Friday 11 December

    Published 11/12/20, by Ms Dhana

    Today you can open the 11th window of your advent calendar. Our act of kindness for today and the rest of the weekend is to do a chore for someone each day. Have a lovely weekend!

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  • Thursday 10 December

    Published 10/12/20, by Ms Dhana

    Today you can open the 10th window of your advent calendar. For our act of kindness today we want to help tidy up.

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  • Wednesday 9 December

    Published 09/12/20, by Ms Dhana

    Today you can open the 8th window of your advent calendar. Make a thank you card for your bin collectors and leave it out for them when next they come to collect your bins.

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  • Tuesday 8 December

    Published 08/12/20, by Ms Dhana

    Today you can open the 8th window of your advent calendar. Our act of kindness for today is to tell a silly joke to make someone laugh!

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  • Monday 7 December

    Published 06/12/20, by Ms Dhana

    Today you can open the 7th window of your advent calendar. As a class we want to give the people we love a hug today.

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  • Friday 4 December

    Published 03/12/20, by Ms Dhana

    Today you can open the 4th window of your Advent Calendar. Our class act of kindness for today is to say 'Please' whenever you ask for something. On Saturday be patient with your family and on Sunday do something kind for someone. Enjoy your weekend.

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