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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Hello Year 2. How are you all this morning? 

Have any of you painted a rainbow yet? Lots of children around the world are painting or drawing rainbows to put up in their windows at home. This is because somewhere, over the rainbow there are lots of things to look forward to and happier times ahead. I know it's really cheered me up on my drive to school each day when I've spotted one or two along the way. Perhaps I've seen one of yours! 

How did you all get on with your spelling test yesterday? I hope you've already made a start learning your spellings for next week?

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Complete questions 8-11 in your Mathematics Reasoning SAT’s  booklet.

Practice filling a measuring jug with water up to the different levels. Tell your grown up how many ml full it is each time. Can you fill it with 250ml, 100ml, 350ml, 400ml ?


Can you describe the * forest story setting attached?  Choose the adjectives that you think describe the setting best. In your Home Learning Book, write some sentences to describe the forest using as many of the adjectives as you can. Can you think of any others?


Choose a book and read at least 5 pages to your grown up. What is the setting in your book? Draw a picture of the setting in your Home Learning Book.


Before we start.

Can you tell your grown up how many continents there are in the world? How many can you name? How many oceans can you remember? 

Now, using the sheet attached* cut out and position the continents on the map and label all the oceans and continents of the world.

(If you can’t print at the moment, just make a list of all the continents and oceans in your Home Learning book.)

Times tables

Use your log in to go onto Times Tables Rock Stars.

How are you getting on with your 2s,5s,10s 3s and 4s ?

Follow this link to practice your 5 x table with The Posh Pooch.


Click on the link to listen to David Walliams FREE audio story for today. Have you noticed how all the children seem to be the Worlds Worst Children?

See you soon, and don't forget I will be looking out for rainbows!

I wonder how many I'll spot?