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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Good Morning Year 2. I hope you have all had a nice weekend. Let's start the week by remembering to look at this Blog every morning to see what activities have been set and to use the Home Learning Timetable as guidance of when to do things. However, your grown up may want to do things in a different order, or may have found alternative  activities for you to do at home as well, and that's fine too! Whatever works best for you and your family. As long as you're still doing something because it's still SCHOOL TIME! 

Monday 30th March 2020


Your grown up will read Questions 1-5 for you to answer in your Mathematics Reasoning SAT’s  booklet. Then complete questions 6 and 7 on your own.

If you have more time, complete 2 more examples of each in your Home Learning Book.



To be tested 30/3/20 The sound /zh/ spelt ‘s’

Ask your grown up to test you on last weeks spellings. Please use your spelling book for this, and write todays date at the top as usual.

*Attached are your spellings for next week. Please learn as usual ready for next weeks test. Use the *handwriting sheet to practice them in your best cursive handwriting. Can you write a sentence using each word? Use your Home Learning Book to write them in.


Don’t forget to click on the link above to listen to David Walliams FREE audio story every day. Why not sit with your grown up after lunch while they have a nice cup of tea?


Read* ‘Recipe for a healthy fruit salad’ and answer the questions.

Don’t forget to underline the answers first when you find them hidden in the text.


You are going to design a menu for a day of healthy eating.

You need to include:

Fruit, vegetables and starchy food at every meal and for snacks.

2-3 portions of meat, fish, beans or nuts.

2-3 portions of dairy food.

No more than 1 sugary or fatty treat.

Have a look at the Healthy Living page on our website and use ideas from the Eatwell plate.

Use the *Healthy Menu Plan sheet attached or use your Home Learning Book to record your ideas for your day of healthy eating.


Choose one of the *Easter egg designs attached to colour in. Can you keep within the lines? How many colours have you used? If you choose, you can cut it out and make it into an Easter card. Who could you send it to?

See you tomorrow.