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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Good morning Year 2 ,

Thank you to those of you who have sent me a letter, picture or photo to school, it has really brightened my day excitedly opening up each envelope to find out who it's from. I can see that you are really practicing your cursive handwriting still, which will be great for when you're moving up to the Juniors and trying to earn your pen licence! 

It’s a shame that we’ve had a change in the weather but remember all our plants and trees need the rain to keep them alive, so we must always be grateful for the rain when it comes. I enjoy walking in the rain and jumping in puddles, do you?

Monday 8th June 2020


Follow the link below for todays Maths lesson on BBC Bitesize.

Today we are learning how to recognise a unit fraction as one equal part of a whole.

This lesson includes:

-one video

-one learning summary

-four activities


Follow the link below for todays English lesson on BBC Bitesize.

To build your knowledge of word endings and develop your vocabulary.

This lesson includes:

-a game to practise your knowledge of word endings

-three activities to do at home

Use your Home learning book to write your sentences. Don’t worry if you can’t complete all of the activities today, just try to do as much as you can.


Ask your grown up to test you on your last spellings. Please use your spelling book for this, and write todays date at the top as usual.

*Attached are your spellings for next week. Please learn as usual ready for next weeks test.

Click on the link below to listen and read along with the story Giraffes can’t dance. (If the link doesn't work find and listen to the story on Youtube)

Can you answer these questions?

  1. Why did the lions start laughing at Gerald before he even started dancing?
  2. Has anyone ever thought something about you or one of your friends just because of the way you look? How did that feel?
  3. Is it fair for someone to say “You are tall, so you must be good at basketball”?
  4. Is making assumptions about others based on their appearance ever a good thing? Why?
  5. What helpful advice did the cricket give to Gerald?


Watch the *lesson presentation explaining how we know about the Great Fire of London.

Can you complete the *activity sheet about sources of information by being a history detective?

Use the sheet with how many stars next to your group.

Red Orange


Green Yellow





Today we are going to start on a new project which will be ongoing over the next few weeks. It’s called Pirate Paddy's Packed Lunch Problems. Watch the Lesson presentation called Why not keep the basket?

What are the positives about using the basket?

Use the *Activity Sheet Evaluating the Basket to give your reasons.

Grown upsthis unit gives children the opportunity to develop their understanding of structures. The exploration of different types of lunch boxes gives children the experience and information to draw on when developing their own ideas. The children create their ideas following the design criteria, given at the beginning of the project, and go on to create models from reclaimed materials. Children gain a basic understanding of how structures can be made stronger, stiffer and more stable. At the end of the unit, children test their product and suggest further improvements.