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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good morning children,

I'm really missing hearing you all chatting away to me in the morning, telling me about everything you've been doing. Perhaps you could write a letter to me and get your grown up to post it to school to let me know what you've been doing? I'd love to hear how your seeds are growing, what birds you've spotted out of your windows and what you've enjoyed doing at home with your grown ups.

Sorry to hear that the link to the story e-book didn’t work properly for some of you yesterday, I will check this out during the next few days and see whether it can be resent.


Here are your activities for today. I hope you like them.


Follow the link below for todays Maths lesson on BBC Bitesize.

Today we will learn how to use an array to see the commutativity of multiplication facts (for example 3 x 5 is the same as 5 x 3).

This lesson includes:

-two animations

-four activities


Follow the link below for todays English lesson on BBC Bitesize.

To understand how to use coordinating conjunctions like because, if and when in sentences.

This lesson includes:

-a video explaining coordinating conjunctions

-three activities to do at home

Please use your Home Learning Book to write your sentences.


Read* ‘Doctor’s orders’ and answer the questions.

Don’t forget to underline the answers first when you find them hidden in the text.


Hopefully by now you have all managed to plant some seeds to start observing over the following weeks.

Watch the *Lesson Presentation Life Cycles.

Then complete the activity sheet attached* about the life cycle of a sunflower.

Choose which sheet to complete, but a rough guide would be 1 star for Blue and Yellow groups, 2 stars for Green and Orange groups and 3 stars for Red group.


As an additional activity today we are going to learn about the importance of self belief and managing your emotions.

This lesson includes:

a video to get your child active

two video clips showing how children can manage their emotions

two practice activities

Please click on the link below.

Times tables

Today Clara the Hen will get you up and moving whilst learning about multiplication and division.

If you know your multiplications It’s easy to learn the relating divisions. Practice today with your 2 times table and division facts and write them in your Home Learning Book like this :

1x2=2   so   2÷2=1

2x2=4   so   4÷2=2

3x2=6   so   6÷2=3

and so on. What do you notice?