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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Good morning Year 2, I hope you are all well.


 Please follow the daily lesson on Bitesize 

English/ phonics

Please follow the daily phonic lesson using Set 3 speed sounds and spelling


Reading / RE

Read the story called a Snowy



Talk to your child about messages and their experience of passing on messages. 

Consider some different messages and what might be the best way to pass each on, for example: a school football match has been cancelled, a birthday invitation, the birth of a baby.

Read the story called a Snowy

What is easy about passing messages?

What is difficult?

What responsibilities are involved?

How do some messages make us feel?

Does it make a difference how messages are passed?

How did Lucy’s family pass on the message that Snowy was missing?

Who did they tell?

What else could they have done?

Why was it important to pass on the message that Snowy had returned?

P.E- Dance

Please see Move to the beat PDF and follow the dance instructions. Have fun