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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

For the children who are learning from home please see todays lessons below.

Registration & Class Worship

Daily Prayer

Good morning, Dear Jesus

I give you this day,

My soul and my body,

My work and my play.

All for you dear Jesus,

All for you this day.





Mary prepares to be the mother of Jesus when asked by God’s messenger Gabriel. Using God’s Story 2 pages 54-55, Mary’s baby read the story of the Annunciation; use the illustration on page 54 on the IWB. Look at other depictions of the scene and talk about what the children notice. What is Mary doing, how is the Angel Gabriel shown? What does Mary’s expression tell us? (These pictures could be on display)

  • God’s Story 2 pages 54-55  See attachment 
  • Some pictures depicting the Annunciation



  1. Who do you see in the paintings?
  2. What is happening?
  3. What do the paintings tell us about Mary?
  4. What does Gabriel say about the baby?
  5. How did Mary’s feelings change as she spoke to Gabriel?
  6. Discuss how Gabriel is depicted as ‘rays of light’ in God’s Story 2 page 54’.

Create an Annunciation scene using a variety of media e.g. paint, collage etc

Maths - two step problems

Please Watch the video belowRecap from yesterday

Continue whole class teaching with the first three questions.

Daily Mile & Break                                                                                          

Wash hands 

Phonics :  aw



LO: : To identify how the grammatical patterns in a sentence indicate its function as a command

Recap on yesterdays work. model how to write the next sections

Continue with copying up their leaflets and adding images . 

EXC Red orange  RH

Exp green 

WT Blue yellow SF

Ensure all children are using cursive writing.

Class Novel or read online for at least 10 minutes.


Wash hands

Nativity Songs


Balancing.  See attached sheet for planning


I hope you had fun today.