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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

For the children who are learning from home please see todays lessons below.

Registration & Class Worship

Daily Prayer

Good morning, Dear Jesus

I give you this day,

My soul and my body,

My work and my play.

All for you dear Jesus,

All for you this day.


Nativity Practice


Maths –Two step problems

Please watch the video below.

Whole class teaching, white board work.

Daily Mile & Break                                                                                          

Wash hands 


I know the ‘tion’  and 'ire' sound and letters.



LO: : To identify how the grammatical patterns in a sentence indicate its function as a command


See if children can identify a number of London Landmarks.  Go through the powerpoint and discuss.

May need to do this tomorrow - Model writing an introduction to a leaflet but using other landmarks  such as The Shard

e.g. Look up and you will see the impressive glass structure of The Shard and use this as an opportunity to include some expanded noun phrases too (session 9).

Children write introductions to their London Landmarks booklet

EXC Red orange 

Exp green and yellow Ria


Ensure all children are using cursive writing

Class Novel or read online for at least 10 minutes.


Wash hands

Collective Worship – Wednesday’s Word

Use the online version of the Wednesday Word.

Share the Gospel and talk about the picture. What/who do they see? Use the information/questions as talking/discussion points. Ask a child to lead the prayers where possible to promote pupil led collective worship. Do the activities if there is time.


Rosa Parks quotes.

 Go through the quotes on the board and discuss. 

Children write out their favourite quote on paper and illustrate it.

I hope you had a great day!