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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Tuesday 1.12.20

Good morning Year 2. Here are your lessons for today.


Class Worship - Daily Prayer

Good morning, Dear Jesus

I give you this day,

My soul and my body,

My work and my play.

All for you dear Jesus,

All for you this day.




Isaiah lived a long time before Jesus. He acted as a messenger of God, (prophet) listening to God’s words and encouragingthe people of Israel to love and trust in God at all times. This was the way the people prepared. Sometimes the people lost their way and were not sure what to do. Isaiah reminded the people of God’s promise to send them a son, who would be like a light to guide them and bring them joy. (Christians traditionally understand that ‘a son’ refers to the coming of Jesus).

Use the quote from Isaiah 9: 2, 6 – God’s Story 2, Someone is coming page 46 on the IWB, talk about the titles that are used by Isaiah to describe the promised one.


  • Why do you think God needed to send a messenger?
  • How did Isaiah suggest the people prepared? 
  • Which title of the promised one do you like best and why?


Draw a candle with rays describing some of the ways in which Christians prepare for the birth of Jesus and bring light to the people around them. 

Maths – L.O to subtract 2-digit numbers 

Follow the link to watch the video.

Print out the following worksheet to complete.


Daily Mile & Break                                                                                         

Wash hands

English - Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty

L.O - To plan or say out loud what they are going to write about

CONTINUED FROM YESTERDAY. It is expected that all children will have at least 6 questions with 6 answers written down by the end of today.

Walk through’ the working wall from the past two weeks to remind children about all they have learned.  

In Talking Partners children are to share the questions that they recorded in session 7. Orally, create responses to these questions.

Create a plan for the leaflet using the questions from session 7 (and any additional questions the children have since found the answers to) as headings. Aim for the children to have around 6 questions, maybe three about the exterior of the bridge and walkway, and three about the engine room.


Wash hands

Read your class book for at least 15 minutes and answer questions.


Research the work of Louis Pasteur. Write 5 interesting facts to tell Mrs Lee when you are back at school.

Handwriting and spellings.

Use the handwriting sheet and wordsearch to start to learn your spellings for next week's test on Monday. How many will you get correct?