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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Good morning to all of you working at home. Please find your lessons for today below.

Class Worship - Daily Prayer

Good morning, Dear Jesus

I give you this day,

My soul and my body,

My work and my play.

All for you dear Jesus,

All for you this day.



 To find out about people who have developed useful new materials

Other New Materials: Challenge children to match the three people with the materials/process. (Just photos appear at first, and their names are revealed as a clue when you click. A brief explanation of each individual is then given on the next slide.)

Children use facts to write about the inventor – Mackintosh or Dunlop .

I can tell you the name of the new process Mackintosh or Dunlop  invented.

I can explain how his invention has impacted on life today.

Maths –  

Follow the link to watch the video.

Print out the worksheet and complete.


English – Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty

L.O -To draw upon what they already know or on background information and vocabulary provided by the teacher

Reading for Research 

Children read the facts about Tower bridge and record some in their books.

Write at least 5 facts.

Read your online book for at least 15 minutes and answer questions about it. Tell your grown up what the title is. Who is the author? Who is the main character? What is your favourite part?

Topic – Art

Develop a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space in the context of using perspective.

Key/New Words:


Print the Lowry City Background Sheet.

Who is L.S. Lowry? Revisit previous learning about the artist and his work.

Lowry’s Industrial Landscapes: Read and discuss the information on this and following slides to find out about his Industrial Landscapes.

Perspective: As a class, children examine several pictures and decide which details are close and which parts are far away.

Painting a Background: Introduce the Lowry City Collage that will be the final product of the unit, and explain that the children are going to paint the background of that picture. Show the three examples of full pictures side by side with their background.

Demonstrate how to paint a background of the sky, hills, and a few distant details on A3 card, landscape orientation.

  • Remind the children how to mix pale colours for the sky, hills and buildings
  • Model painting the hills three quarters of the way up the card so there is room to add the midground and foreground later.

Remind the children that the details on the hills must be very small because they are very far away. Show the ‘What a good one looks like’ slide. 

Painting a Background: Children paint a background in the style of LS Lowry.

I can paint things that are small so they look far away.

I can paint things in pale colours so they look far away.

Close or Far Away? Test children’s understanding of perspective on a more complex picture.