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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

For those of you who are learning from home please find Thursday's lessons below.


Collection and Hand wash

Registration & Class Worship

Daily Prayer

Good morning, Dear Jesus

I give you this day,

My soul and my body,

My work and my play.

All for you dear Jesus,

All for you this day.



RE  Judaism


To know and understand that they are growing and developing in a God-given community

Recap on Tuesdays lesson

What can the children tell me about Judaism?

How does each member of the family take part in Shabbat?

How do you think the children feel when they are blessed by their parents?



Imagine you are either a mum or a dad and make up a special blessing for your children. What would you wish for them? Make this into a Shabbat card.


Maths counting money

Watch the video below

Complete worksheet

Whole class teaching

RH to work with blue and yellow group. Questions 1,2 and 3

Green group  Question 1,2&3

Red and orange work independently.  Questions 4, 5 and 6 FW

Daily Mile & Break                                                                                          

Wash hands 

Phonics :  aw



LO: : To write expanded noun phrases for description and specification

Recap word bank from last session

Model how to write an advert using the words on the word bank and shared writing from last session.

Resources-  word bank

Now apply expanded noun phrases with suffixed

words ( session 3) ideas from the sentence-sort (session

6) and question-generation from session 7.

Now apply expanded noun phrases with suffixed words (session 3) ideas from the sentence-sort (session6) and question-generation from session 7 to create an advert for the exhibition..

EXC red/orange  In pairs create an advert 

EXP green and yellow  SF  In pairs create an advert  

WT Blue RH  As a group create an advert 

Children write the advert into their books.

Class Novel or read online for ten minutes


Wash hands

Reading Skills  - Read through the Common Exception words


Cosmic yoga Mimi the Mermaid