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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Good Morning.

For those of you who are learning from home please find Wednesday's lessons below.

Collection and Handwash

Registration & Class Worship

Daily Prayer

Good morning, Dear Jesus

I give you this day,

My soul and my body,

My work and my play.

All for you dear Jesus,

All for you this day.


Topic  LO: I can tell you about a significant women

Show first part of the powerpoint of Rosa Parks Look at the early life of Rosa Parks and role play in small groups.

Role play in mixed ability groups in the Gym

Maths – recognising coins

Watch the video

Please complete the sheets attached.

Daily Mile & Break                                                                                          

Wash hands 


I know the ‘ew’ sound

Revisit: Recall last sounds  taught – all the split diagraphs.

Can you remember what sound you have learnt?

Practice: Practice writing ‘ew’

Apply: writing sentencesusing ew words.



LO: : To write expanded noun phrases for description and specification

Remind children of this activity in session 5. Have feely bags with large, blank cards this time. Work with the class to create a bank of words to put into the feely bags so that expanded noun phrases pertaining to the bridge and the engine room can be created:

The first bag will need adjectives to describe the bridge or engine room’s impressiveness/history e.g. amazing, delicate, magnificent, original, fantastic It would be beneficial to add a comma at the end of the word. The second bag will need words that describe a physical (factual) attribute e.g. brass, steel, concrete, glass, iron, brick, masonry, stone The third needs to have nouns pertaining to the bridge/engine room or actual parts e.g. tower, piston, cog, bascule, walkway, rivet

Now apply expanded noun phrases with suffixed

Word ideas from the sentence-sort

WT SF blue

Children orally say their sentence in a talking tin and circle the  words they have used on the word bank

Exp RH  green and yellow

Children create their sentences using the word bank ensuring they are using the correct punctuation.

Exc red orange  RH

Resources word bank

Class Novel or read online for 10 minutes.


Wash hands

Collective Worship – Wednesday’s Word

Use the online version of the Wednesday Word.

Share the Gospel and talk about the picture. What/who do they see? Use the information/questions as talking/discussion points. Ask a child to lead the prayers where possible to promote pupil led collective worship. Do the activities if there is time.

Run through the Nativity.

Add actions to songs

Final prayer.