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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Friday 13th March 2020


Collection and Hand wash

Registration & Class Worship

Daily Prayer



 I can travel in different ways.

I can change my speed from fast to slow.

I can match the type of movement I use with the speed I am travelling at.

I can travel high and low.



 Warm-Up: Choose one of the Warm-Up Cards that focus on aerobic exercise to warm the children up ready for exercise. Ask ‘How does your body feel before exercise?’

Watch: Watch a clip of animals hopping, jumping and skipping or look at the Zoo Animals Photograph Pack. Ask ‘Can you move like that?’ Teacher Note - Please check the content of this link, including any comments, is suitable for your educational environment before showing. Please do not let the next video automatically play at the end of the clip. Twinkl accepts no responsibility for the content of third party websites.

Skill: Tiptoeing: Ask ‘Can you tiptoe like a mouse?’ Give tips for tiptoeing on the balls of the feet.

Skill: Galloping: Ask ‘Can you gallop like a horse?’ Give tips for galloping refer to lesson presentation video clip. Teaching Points: Step forward and move weight on to the back foot with a small jump. The front foot then steps forward again. The same foot remains forward during the gallop. Keep arms at shoulder height.

Skill: Skipping: Ask ‘Can you skip like a lemur?’ refer to lesson presentation video clip. Teaching Points: Start hopping on one foot. Landing on the ball of the foot and bending the knee. Swap over. Next hop forward 3 steps on one leg and back again on the other leg. Now hop forward and then step forward with the other foot. Hop with that same foot and step forward with the other foot. When they feel confident speed it up to a skip.

Skill: Hopscotching: Ask ‘Can you hop like a Kangaroo?’ Teach children how to hopscotch. Refer to Lesson Presentation video clip. Teaching Points: Stand with feet hip distance apart and bend the ankles, knees and hips. Jump forward landing on the ball of one foot with the knee bent. Jump forwards from one foot to two feet. Land with feet hip distance apart and on the balls of the feet. Remember to bend the ankles, knees and hips. Children practise skills. Pick out children to demonstrate and let them have another go.

At the Zoo: Children move about. When you show a Zoo Card they change the way they move. Ask ‘Can you speed up and slow down? Which ways of travelling are better for moving faster or slower?’ Try moving in different directions and on different levels. Ask ‘Can you move with different points of contact?’ Children might bounce along with their hands on the ground or with one hand and one leg.

Setting out the Apparatus: Remind the children of the skills they practised for lifting and setting out the equipment safely. Ask ‘Can you remember where your group’s piece of equipment goes?’ Organise children to work in groups to set out the equipment using the Gymnastic Apparatus Suggested Area Plan 2 (please refer to the Adult Guidance Sheet). In addition to previous equipment, children set agility tables according to plan with 2 to 3 children carrying them according to size and shape. They set the agility tables down and the teacher attaches the benches.


Maths -

Go through teaching slides  (whole class) and complete on whiteboards.


Daily Mile & Break                                                                                          

Wash hands 


Review phase 5



LO: :   To use verbs in their progressive  form

I can use verbs ending in –ing

Working from the designs that the children created in

session 1, apply labels to the parts on their bridge

using the Nouning Around terminology.

Now remind children about what each bridge-part

(noun) does by referring back to the verb-bank.

Stick a Suffix:

Change each verb into its progressive form by adding

the suffix –ing

You might want to use strips of paper that are folded

to do this so that the children can see any spelling

changes needed e.g.

rotate  ing


Provide children with little strips of paper so they can create their own stick a suffix.

Create at least three and the write sentences using their suffix.

Exc SF


Read your online book for 10 minutes



Wash hands

Go through your phonics pack with your grown ups.  Try to identify the digraphs and trigraphs.  Can you be a Phonic Detective?

Practice your nativity words.


Write out this weeks spellings three times using cursive handwriting.