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St Peter and St Paul's

St Peter and St Paul Catholic Primary Academy

Good morning and welcome back to (home) school ! I hope you had a lovely Easter and enjoyed the beautiful Spring sunshine. It has been wonderful seeing so many of your painted rainbow pictures on my drive in to work. For your Art lesson today, there is another picture you might like to display in your window...wait and see!

Monday 20th April 2020


Greater Than or Less Than Parents: In year 2, children are taught the ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ symbols (< and >), alongside the ‘equals’ symbol (=), and begin to use these symbols in number sentences. They often learn that the < and > symbols resemble a crocodile’s mouth, and the crocodile always eats the bigger number.

*Print out and complete the first sheet attached OR copy each in your Home Learning Book. Your grown up can help you today.

If you are a speedy worker, you can challenge yourself to make some of your own up.

Tomorrow you will be asked to complete the 2nd sheet on your own.



Ask your grown up to test you on your last spellings. Please use your spelling book for this, and write todays date at the top as usual.

*Attached are your spellings for next week. Please learn as usual ready for next weeks test. Use the *handwriting sheet to practice them in your best cursive handwriting. Can you write a sentence using each word? Use your Home Learning Book to write them in.

*Attached is a fun word search for you to find next weeks spellings. Can you find them all?


Choose a book and read at least 5 pages to your grown up. What is the setting in your book? Draw a picture of the setting in your Home Learning Book.


We are going to learn about The Great Fire of London over the next few weeks.

Read the facts attached* and see if you can answer the questions.

Over the next few weeks see how many clips you can find about The Great Fire of London. How much information can you learn about it?

Listen to the tale of one lucky girl’s escape from the fire that destroyed London. Just click on the link below. *


*Have a look at the Sunshine Dot Painting activity attached.

Can you follow the instructions to complete your own piece of art? If you haven’t got any paint, you could use coloured pencils or felt tip pens.

Hang your picture in your window to brighten up someone else’s day.